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Last Dog Missing From Seattle Dog Resort Fire Found Deceased

Seattle, WA – When the Dog Resort in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood caught fire earlier this month, several dogs escaped the burning building and ran away. One of the dogs, Georgie, was quickly found deceased on Interstate 5, and there were widespread searches for the remaining dogs, Remi and North.

Remi, Allison Scarborough’s dog, was found a day later; the dog suffered critical injuries after falling 50 feet from an onramp near Lumen Field.

One dog remained unaccounted for – a German shepherd/Border collie mix named North. Tragically, North did not survive. Days ago, North’s family issued a public statement about their dog’s death:

We discovered the large black dog that was hit and killed near Spokane Street around 9 pm Monday night 11/13 is very, very, very likely our dog North. DNA results are pending.
We are devastated; North was our world. He loved running, swimming, hiking, camping, playing in the snow and chasing after skiers, and living in the Pacific Northwest as much as we do.

We would like to thank our friends, family, family, the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers, strangers, businesses, dog walkers, and pet owners who have dropped everything and dedicated endless hours spreading the word and searching for North and Remi.


Last weekend, animal lovers took to the streets to protest The Dog Resort; the business had two fires, at two different locations, within the past year. One protester said:

“We need to have better standards for the dogs, raise the standards. Everyone needs to have an emergency evacuation plan if you’re watching dogs.”

Remi’s condition after the fall remains unknown.

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