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Man Charged For Abandoning Dog At Airport

Pittsburgh, PA – A West Virginia man is facing charges for abandoning a dog at the Pittsburgh International Airport on Thursday. According to the Allegheny County Police, 68-year-old David Mittelberger Sr. of Windsor Heights, West Virginia, was identified as the person who left the dog in the short-term parking garage prior to his flight.

The press release provides additional details about the incident:

Investigators believe Mittelberger was traveling to California, but our attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful. After consultation with the District Attorney’s office, we’ve filed charges against Mittelberger for abandonment of animals, neglect of animal, and cruelty to animals. These are summary offenses and will be sent via citation.

The dog, named Mikey, remains in the care of Animal Friends. Mikey has an active mouth infection and he requires significant dental care. The police are working with the state dog warden and Animal Friends to secure a court order to allow Mikey to receive proper care.

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  1. What a despicable creep this pos is. Poor little dog, I hope he receives the care he needs and goes to a good, loving family.

  2. The horrible abuse of all animals will continue until humans start seeing animals as sentient beings. Worldwide laws need to be changed to protect animals. Strict enforcement is needed. If these despicable humans start going to jail for their crimes then just maybe this concept of disposable animals will stop. I don’t have much faith but something better than what we have is needed.

  3. This asshole did the dog a heartless favor because he was obviously neglected and probably abused. He should have found a good place for him. But hopefully someone dumps his sorry ass when he is infirm someday.

  4. We need to start taking this problem seriously and we need tuffer laws! We are dealing with Demons amongst us! I thought other Countries were evil treating God’s innocent creatures but the U.S. takes the cake of evil non humans amongst us! Our Justice system is broken shame on them !!!!



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