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Couple’s Cat Sneaks Into Amazon Box, Goes On 650 Mile Journey

Utah - On Wednesday, April 10, a cat named Galena snuck into a box, unbeknownst to her owners. Boxes are usually a temptation for...


Litter Of Deceased Puppies Found On Golf Course

Thorndale, PA - A grim discovery was made on a golf course in Thorndale earlier this week. According to the Caln Township Police Department,...


Man Rescues Kitten Tossed From Moving Car

Gwinnett County, GA - A man in Gwinnett County rescued a tiny, gray kitten who was tossed from a moving vehicle last week. As...


Washington Tribe Cleared To Hunt Whales

Washington - On June 13, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a press release announcing the final rule and decision to grant the Makah...


Rescuers Save Horse Who Fell Through Floor Of Stall

Boston, MA - Days ago, a rescue team was deployed to a farm to save an eight-year-old Lipizzaner gelding, named Valcour, who fell through...

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Zoo Director Slaughtered 4 Pygmy Goats And Served Them At Year-End Party

Chilpancingo, Mexico - The former director of the Zoochilpan Zoo in Chilpancingo is under investigation for killing four of the zoo's pygmy goats and...

Wildlife Center Closes After Wolf Pack Euthanized Following Death Of Their Pack Leader

Dundee (U.K) - A wildlife center in Dundee was closed after a wolf was euthanized, and then the members of his pack were euthanized...

Animal Rescue

Police Rescue Kitten And Dog From Hot Camper Trailer

Wheat Ridge, CO - Police in Wheat Ridge issued a public reminder after rescuing a kitten and dog who were suffering in a hot...

Animal Cruelty

Man Charged After Dragging His Pup Behind Truck, Causing Deadly Injuries

Mesa County, CO - A 66-year-old Colorado man is facing animal cruelty charges after dragging his puppy behind a moving vehicle and causing the...

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Notorious Trophy Hunter Found Fatally Shot Near His Vehicle

A 55-year-old man known for boasting about big game kills was recently found dead near his vehicle in Limpopo, South Africa. According to World...

19 French Bulldogs Stolen From Florida Home

Port St. Lucie, Florida - On the morning of November 4, opportunistic thieves broke into a residence in Port St. Lucie and stole 19...