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Zoo Mourns Death Of Beloved Cow, With ‘Larger Than Life’ Personality

Powell, Ohio – On Monday, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium announced the unexpected death of a Dexter cow named Belle. According to a release from the zoo, Belle had been with them since her arrival in 2015 and those who knew her are mourning the loss of her unique, “larger-than-life” personality.

The zoo said, “Belle was a true testament to the beauty of her species,” adding, “She was known for her stubbornness, which she wielded with finesse thanks to her size. Gaining her trust was no easy feat, but once you did, she was a true rock star.”

Her caretakers said:

“Belle had a big personality and will be sorely missed at the barn. She was a one-of-a-kind cow, even within her breed. Our team, along with her barnyard family, will miss her ‘car alarm’-style moo and strong personality dearly.”

Dexter cows are known for their longevity and can live up to 25 years. Belle’s cause of death has not been determined; her body is undergoing a necropsy at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Rest easy Belle.

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  1. Actually, Belle was pretty typical of cows when they’re allowed to actually live and be themselves…they’re all special, including those slaughtered while pregnant, among other horrors. Their babies’ “fetal bovine serum” is a popular ingredient in all those harmful vaccines people have such religious faith in despite the damages. People as a whole are so very evil and deliberately ignorant.

  2. Another reason not to eat beef. Each and every cow that is slaughtered is unique just like people are and they don’t deserve to die because someone wants a hamburger. I stopped eating beef 25 years ago. People can survive not eating the flesh of animals. If everybody had to kill their own cow, chicken or pig to eat, there would be a lot more vegetarians out there.



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