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Police Identify Person Who Was Observed In Alligator’s Mouth – She Was Recently Arrested For Trespassing

Pinellas County, FL – Police have released the identity of the person whose body was observed in the mouth of a massive alligator last week. According to the authorities, the woman who was in the waterway on Sept. 22 is identified as Sabrina Peckham, 41, a homeless woman who lived in a nearby wooded area; she was recently arrested for trespassing on a county wetland.

Court records reveal Peckham’s arrest on July 14, just a half mile from where her body was found; she was released on Sept. 8.

Officials shot the nearly 14-foot-long alligator multiple times after someone spotted it in the water with a human body in its mouth. The cause of the homeless woman’s death has not yet been determined.

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  1. An alligator in its own habitat, trying to survive amid human overpopulation, destruction of habitat, and ever-increasing violence. If the alligator was a human being, there would be a trial and in all likelihood, no death penalty. But the alligator was in its own habitat, and the woman encroached upon it. No trial. No proof. Just a life forfeit.
    This is wrong.

  2. Yes, that alligator may have done that but they do not murder people. That is something people do to other people and animals. He’s/her intent was not cruelty and who knows what that woman was doing hear the alligator. To kill him/her was a heinous act. They alligator did not know what s/he was doing but the humans did and they should not be killing a being for doing something natural. For him/her the woman was merely prey. Such human centricity and ugly and appalling as it always is. People kill animals and usually get off with little or nothing but horror!, let a nonhuman animal do something they do not understand is not good and they are killed plus the fact that people kill animals in droves and for pleasure and that is considered normal. Once again I say we are truly the most dangerous and ultimate invasive species on the planet.


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