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Sheriff Detective Resigns Following K9 Partner’s ‘Heat-Related’ Death

Sparta, Wisconsin – A detective with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has resigned during an investigation into the “heat-related” death of his K9 partner, Kolt. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the sheriff’s office announced Detective Alex Maas’ resignation on Tuesday.

Kolt, a six-year-old German shepherd, died on May 15 from complications suffered during the “heat-related” incident on May 10. Detective Maas had been placed on administrative leave after Kolt died – it is unclear when he decided to resign.

The investigation into the K9’s death is ongoing.

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  1. what a shame. this cop should be fired with zero pension. what idiot does this especially a guy who is part of a k9 unit.

  2. this is a Disgrace. That kind of imbecile would Forget about his canine partner. this dog was trained and loyal ann actually has a badge and he’s part of the canine unit and deserved so much better. he should be alive and able to retire, but instead he’s human partner left him to die from a heat stroke because he forgot them in the vehicle. if you’re still investigating, you have an obligation to charge this ex officer with animal cruelty, and not doing his job. He is a paid officer from taxpayer money, and as a taxpayer, I’m demanding that you charge him the same way that anyone would be charged for animal, cruelty, and neglect, and he should never be allowed to be around any animals for the rest of his life not work with them not live with them. Not train them. he needs a lifetime ban. he also needs some prison time It’s heartbreaking ,but anyone that allows this to happen or tries to sweep it under under the rug needs to be in jail ,no slap on the hand on this one ,that beautiful dog suffered a horrific death, and probably was waiting as he was dying for his partner to save him.RIP Kolt ,You are a Hero ! And I am so sorry That you had to die because your partner was such an idiot and you’re responsible for your well-being

  3. So the cop resigns, that’s big of him. At least he’s still alive unlike his partner who suffered unimaginable pain and distress before dying.
    Hope he loses any pension

  4. The dog was there to protect the officer from danger, but who was there to protect the dog from the danger? The officer should lose his pension, be charged with animal cruelty and be banned from ever working with another police dog or owning a pet himself personally. The PD should also sue the cop for the cost of the dog since they are worth thousands of dollars after training. He needs to be taught a lesson and serve some time in jail too. Nothing like a cop in jail with hopefully some of the very people he put in jail. Disgusting excuse for a human being. How can you forget a dog in a car? Would you leave your child in a a hot car? Cops should be qualified and trained before being given a dog to handle and care for.



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