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Puppy Surrendered After Being Injured By Tow Truck, Now He Is At Risk Of Being Put Down

Long Beach, CA – A five-month-old puppy named Alpha survived being hit by a tow truck, but he suffered injuries and his owner surrendered him. Now Alpha is waiting to be saved from the Long Beach Animal Care Services facility where he has been since Sept. 19.

Now people aware of his sad situation fear that he will be put down if he is not rescued soon.

A rescue advocate writes:

Alpha is now PAST-DUE and in need of rescue ASAP before he becomes another euthanized hit-by-car victim

Alpha’s injuries were severe, including a fractured right hind leg and multiple pelvic fractures. The shelter previously stated that they wanted Alpha to have rescue commitment by Sept. 22, but that date was extended…by how much is a mystery.

Please help this puppy find the help that he needs to recover, and survive. Networking saves lives by increasing a homeless animal’s visibility.

My Name Is Alpha
Pet ID: A707063
Intake Date: 09/19/2023
URGENT: Needs Rescue By 09/22/2023 – PAST DUE
Gender: Male
Age: 5 Months old
Breed: German Shepherd
Notes: Owner relinquished 5-month-old German Shepherd hit by tow truck, R femoral neck fracture, multiple pelvic fractures, bilateral HL abrasions, and edema. Non-weight bearing on HLs. Neuro status intact. U-cath in place

Location: Long Beach Animal Care Services
Address: 7700 East Spring St. Long Beach, CA 90815
Phone: (562) 570-3080

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this shelter facility. We share homeless pets in need of homes in order to reach more people and get them the help they need.

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  1. I do not read other than innocent animals, who only want to receive love are being KILLED!!!
    And why, because the owners do not take their responsibility.
    Euthanise the rotten owners, but NOT the animals that are defenceless!
    What a world we live in, without any love for the animal!!!

  2. Pet owners shouldn’t have the right to surrender their pets to the shelter simply because they don’t want to pay for their medical bills. If you adopt a animal, it’s yours for life and that includes paying for he or she’s medical care. Would you dump your child at social services because they got hit by a car and you couldn’t afford treatment? Of course not, you would do whatever you needed to get that kid hospital care. Same applies with pets. The shelter should sue the owner for whatever cost they have incurred keeping the dog.

  3. WHY on earth do these people threaten to put down this poor dog? First rescued, then killed? That’s insane!!! The authorities must punish every evil dog owner who dumps his dog and make sure that abandoned dogs like Alpha are safe, not killed!



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