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Rescue Takes In Nearly 100 Dogs From Puppy Mill Operation

Iowa – An Iowa rescue organization has taken in nearly 100 dogs from a suspected puppy mill operation. On Tuesday, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa said that they were contacted about a call for help received over the weekend.

The agency said they were contacted by the Boone County Humane Society and the Boone County Sheriff’s Office to help rescue nearly 100 dogs from a commercial breeder.

Describing the horrible conditions the dogs and puppies had been living in:

When we arrived the smell hit us before we even entered the buildings. The dogs were living in their own feces and urine, including some pregnant mamas and newborn puppies. Many of the dogs were matted and some incredibly thin.

The rescue team worked well into the night to make the dogs and puppies comfortable.


No charges have been filed yet, but the Boone County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Donations to help with the dogs’ care can be made here.

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  1. ALL Puppy mills should be closed down. Those scumbags only exploit these poor animals for their paychecks! They abuse animals for a living because they are scum that can’t get a job! Screw these idiots! Throw them in jail and close them all down!!!!

  2. When are the donations to clean up the mess made by breeders going to come from the people who created the problem in the first place? Without a legal system that works to protect animals, we will always just keep treading water at best. I’m just so tired of reading about these despicable human beings. It never stops and only seems to get worse.



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