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Lonesome Dolphin Moved From Miami’s Seaquarium To New Texas Habitat With Other Dolphins

Miami, FL – This week, Miami’s Seaquarium announced the transport of a lonesome Pacific white-sided dolphin to a new habitat in San Antonio, Texas. According to Seaquarium, Li’i was in their care for 35 years and was a companion to Lolita, the Orca who recently passed away.

The release states:

After the departure of Lolita, our animal care experts suggested his relocation to a habitat with other peers of his species and our efforts to look for his well-being took him to SeaWorld in San Antonio.

After Lolita’s passing, the dolphin was alone in the tank, sparking deep concerns for his emotional well-being.

Miami SeaWorld said:

Although we will very much miss him, we feel happy to know this is the best for him. Thank you to all the team from Miami Seaquarium and The Dolphin Company for making this possible and thank you to all the people who always expressed their interest in Li’i’s welfare, just as we did.


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  1. Pray for dolphine go free or take care dolphin need love be round with dolphine and feed them all time make sure watch out hunter kill dolphine best take care them


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