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Police Charge Woman Accused Of Abandoning Dog At Airport

Allegheny County Police have confirmed that the woman who abandoned a dog at the airport has been charged.

Pittsburgh, PA – The woman accused of abandoning her dog at the Pittsburgh International Airport earlier this month has been identified and charged. According to the Allegheny County Police Department, 44-year-old Allison Gaiser, of Kittanning, is charged with one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty, along with summary violations of animal cruelty, animal neglect, and abandonment of animals by owner.

On Thursday, the authorities said:

Investigators determined Gaiser intentionally abandoned the dog near short-term parking before boarding a plane to a resort destination in Mexico.

The police assured the public that the dog is doing well and is currently in foster care.

As reported by CBS News, Gaiser tried claiming that she had contacted her mom to retrieve the dog, but a review of text messages revealed that the claim was not true.


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  1. This woman’s BS story about the mom picking up the dog nobody believes and especially the police. She couldn’t have loved the dog if she was willing to dump him for a mexico vacation. She knew exactly what she was doing and choose to do it. The poor dog must have been confused, saddened and scared being left alone while mommy flew away on a plane. And what dumb-ass doesn’t check with the airlines if she could bring a dog on board and how that would work beforehand. Did she even ask the resort where she was staying to see if dogs were allowed as well? Worthless garbage person who should serve time behind bars, pay restitution for the medical care and boarding of the dog while with the shelter or rescue. And she should do community service picking up dog shit at local dog parks to teach her some humility. Her picture needs to be in all the newspapers in the state…she should be embarrassed and shamed and local shelters and rescues in her area need to keep a picture of her handy so they can deny her adoption rights. She is stupid enough to go out and get another dog, I’m sure.



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