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Moose Calf Rescued From Abandoned House Foundation

Alaska – Late last week, a moose calf was discovered in the foundation of an abandoned house foundation in Bear Creek, outside of Seward. As reported by KTUU News, Cathy Dougherty, a resident, could hear the calf whimpering.

Doughtery said:

“She was just pacing the walls, the outside of the, the inside of the foundation, just pacing and crying, I guess. I had never heard a moose cry before, but, a whimpering, you know, like trying to call mom back.”

When offered water, the calf drank 5 gallons; nobody knows how long she was trapped inside the cement foundation walls.


But all is well now, after pallets were stacked inside of the foundation, the calf was able to climb out of the structure on Friday night.

According to the news agency, efforts are underway to get in touch with the owner of the property in order to come up with a way to prevent other wild animals from getting trapped like the calf.

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