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Dog Stolen In Violent Convenience Store Attack Found And Reunited With Owner

Los Angeles, CA – A senior dog who was stolen from his owner during a violent 7-11 attack just before 1 a.m. on Sept. 26 in North Hollywood has been found and reunited with his owner. The 11-year-old dog was wrestled away from his owner inside the convenience store by two people; a man and a woman.

The police reached out to the public for assistance, releasing a video and a description of the two suspects caught on camera.

As reported by ABC 7 News, the dog was found on Thursday at a sober living home in Orange County. The people running the home recognized the dog and confronted the people who were with him; the suspects fled, leaving the dog behind.

The operators contacted the local authorities, who then contacted the Los Angeles Police Department. The dog, Drake, was reunited with his owner and he did not appear to be harmed or in distress from the frightening ordeal.

The motive for the attack and theft is unknown and the identity of the people at the sober living home will remain a mystery due to federal privacy laws.

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  1. Thank God poor Drake was reunited with his human(s). In sincerely hope those two goons get what’s coming to them, preferably in hell. Such people should not be here on Earth.

  2. Why should their names remain private.. They chose to break the law and violate someone else’s rights so why respect theirs. Their names need to be given to the police because they will just do it again so some other innocent person and their beloved pet. Committing an act of violence should negate any privacy laws.

  3. Are stupid laws are at it again. Protecting the criminals and the letting the victims suffer. I am so sick of these lawless people getting away with crimes all the time.

  4. I sure hope police find these assholes and arrest them. And I agree with what Charla said…why should the criminals names be withheld for their privacy. What BS. Their names should be published in the newspaper and all over social media. People, friends, relatives of those folks need to know what they did.

  5. Thank God sweet Drake is safe! I hope the evil bastards who took him will pay!!! These devils belong behind bars for the rest of their useless lives!!!



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