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Devastating Update About Puppy Who Suffered Severe Chemical Burns

On Monday afternoon, the Philadelphia rescue agency that was trying to save a severely burned puppy named Bebe made a heartbreaking announcement. Philly Bully Team said that during a bandage change, for which Bebe was sedated, it was discovered that the skin on her neck had fallen off.

While it is not uncommon for skin to fall off because of severe burns, it was devastating for Bebe because it meant that nearly all of her skin was gone. The rescue group explained the terrible decision they had to make:

we and the veterinary staff at Penn agreed that it would not be humane to continue. Even if the pain of her injuries was able to be controlled, itโ€™s very likely that the skin grafts would have failed or she would have fallen to an entire skin infection.

Expressing their lack of regret for trying to save her precious life:

We donโ€™t regret trying and we certainly do not regret being able to offer Bebe a peaceful and painless transition over to the other side. Fly high sweet baby. ๐ŸŒˆ Iโ€™m sorry you never got a chance to be a dog.

Rest in peace Bebe.

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  1. you gave up on this dog! go to mutty paws rescue in florida on facebook and look at dade and dades army. he was 3 weeks old and had chemical burns so bad they reached his muscle. they put a full court effort to help this pup and guess what he survived did great and is living a happy life in his forever home. they did benefits, sold shirts, whatever they had to to make cash to save him. you can see in the pictures of this pup he was fully alert and healthy. this was a cost effective move nothing more. this dog would have made it. what a shame to put down such a beautiful pup because of $$$$$

  2. this is EVIL. To murder a innocent voiceless, rightless animal. Vet & his staff at penn should be humanely euthanised too

    • So you want the animal to suffer rather than be relieved of it. You’re so foolish and have obviously never felt intense physical pain before

    • You have no idea what you are saying. This puppy would have had so many infections because she had no skin. You weren’t there. They tried to SAVE her and did their best. To continue would have been torturing the poor puppy. You are the cruel one.

  3. You made a heart wrenching decision. But one well thought out and humanely made. Bless everyone involved in puppy’s care.

  4. If I had such pain I would want to be released from pain ASAP. Thank you for belatedly doing so. There are far worse things than humane euthanasia which is a gift that I give to my beloved pets when their lives are no longer joyful.

  5. Any animal suffering must be put down. Animals don’t understand the shots, blood draws , painful dressings…only wonder why this human is still hurting me. It is okay to release a suffering animal with swift euthanasia.

  6. Thank you to the Philly Bully Team for all of your heartfelt work. I have been following Bebe’s story. I’m glad that you did what was right and kind. I get so many Pleas for donations to help repair drastic injuries to dogs and cats. Most of the pleas come from third world countries, and may have been inflicted on purpose to raise money. I’m worn down from seeing so many animals needlessly suffering. Thank you for your mercy! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿซ‚๐Ÿ’œ

  7. People are misdirecting their anger at compassionate people trying to save a dog’s life and the person whose act of cruelty has resulted in it’s death.



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