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Dog Who Has Spent Over 420 Days In Shelter Kennel Is Breaking Hearts

For more than 420 days, a dog has been sitting in a New York kennel run and hearts are breaking.

Wantagh, NY – A dog who has spent more than 420 days in a New York animal shelter is breaking hearts. Lady Whistledown arrived at the Town of Hempstead animal shelter in April 2022 after being found by a good Samaritan.

When the pup was first taken in, she weighed just 28 pounds and she was covered in scars on her face and back. Nobody knows what trauma Lady Whistledown has endured, but she is still impacted by whatever happened.

The shelter said:

Something bad happened to her in her previous life, and although we don’t know what, we know it had lasting effects on her. Sadly, Lady Whistledown circles in her kennel quite a bit. We don’t know if she was beaten, hit by a car, in dog fights, or what, but she clearly has suffered some sort of trauma.

Lady Whistledown spends most of her time in a kennel run…a kennel run where she circles repeatedly.

Watching her in the kennel is heartbreaking because it reveals her stress and unhappiness.

Homeless dog is breaking hearts
Homeless dog is breaking hearts

You can help this homeless dog find a loving family by sharing her adoption information. Find her adoption profile here.

Animal ID 49896784
Species Dog
Breed Terrier/Mix
Age 7 years 4 months 17 days
Gender Female
Size Medium
Color Tan
Declawed No
Housetrained Unknown
Site Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
Location Kennel 1
Intake Date 4/3/2022

Shelter address: 3320 Beltagh Ave, Wantagh, NY, United States, New York

Shelter phone: (516) 785-5220

Shelter email:

Watch Facebook Reel featuring Lady Whistledown here.

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  1. She is probably not getting enough stimulation for her body or brain. I bet she’s very smart, and needs enrichment activities. Dogs who circle in kennels are stressed, and bored. Poor little soul.

  2. I hope the kennel that I see, is not the one where she spends her life or no wonder she is circling, she differently needs some love.

  3. Leaving her in prison locked in a small space up alone is pitiful … shame on facilities that provide no community housing for adoptable fur babies.Most species thrive in family unity , this should be a factor that is in place if the well being of these precious animals

  4. You CANNOT PUT A LIVING BEING in a cramped space like that. What’s the matter with you sick shelter people? Do you take her out for walks? Let her run in your yard? This is not a shelter run. This is a torture chamber. Shelters are supposed to protect animals. Not torture them. SHAME ON YOU Hempstead Animal Shelter.

  5. Somebody out there must want her, making her last few years full of love and care no more than she deserves! It ‘s no wonder she’s circling in that cramped space bless her heart. I hope she finds the perfect home soon it’s heartbreaking. 💔

  6. 420 days in a space that small is not even for cats. Even inmates have bigger areas than that. Please have someone exercise her daily for the sake of her sanity.

  7. This is pure torture for her – sticking her inside a cage like that!! That’s NO freedom! That’s probably how the dog fighters had her locked up until the next fight! Poor thing!!
    Take her to a more humane setting until she is adopted!!

  8. Be sure that the right person comes for her! She has suffered so much already and she deserves a safe and loving home now! There are so many evil creeps in this country that it scares me! Please be careful!!!



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