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Rescue Group Caring For Puppy With Severe Chemical Burns

An eight-week-old puppy has severe chemical burns covering half of her body.

Update 8/22/2023: After the publication of this story, the shelter announced that Bebe died from her injuries. Rest in peace Bebe.

A Philadelphia rescue group is caring for a young puppy suffering from severe chemical burns. The eight-week-old puppy, dubbed Bebe, has burns covering a large portion of her body. According to the Philly Bully Team, Bebe’s skin was “falling off” when she was first taken in.

Days ago, the rescue organization said:

“Her skin is falling off”
That’s the only way to describe the absolutely horrific state of Bebes body. She’s tiny, she’s young, she’s just a baby. Yet, she has already suffered unimaginable abuse. Her back end and tummy are covered in chemical burns. Someone DID THIS to her. An innocent puppy.

Rescue group caring for severely burned puppy
Rescue group caring for severely burned puppy

Over the weekend, the rescue agency said that Bebe underwent surgery to remove the necrotic surgery from her body. Veterinary staff treating her are “confident” the burns, covering 50 percent of her body, are from a chemical.

Treating Bebe’s injuries comes with a great cost – in the thousands. But it is a cost the organization feels they must take on, saying:

We have already committed to Bebe and we believe that she deserves every chance in the world — unless her condition becomes unmanageable— and in that case, we would make a quality of life judgement call.

Find the organization’s Facebook page here to learn more about how you can support Bebe’s recovery.


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  1. God will hug you and give the love and peace that you need. Rest in peace Bebe baby.The rotten people that claim they are humans that can only think of doing bad, sad things aren’t worth living around. They aren’t happy with themselves because they are probably uneducated, worthless and don’t even have feelings for anyone or themselves.
    Rest in peace baby Bebe🐾❤️🙏🏻🐾

  2. Whoever did this godawful thing needs to be found and put away before others become victims of this soul-dead monster. Rest in peace forever now, dear Bebe.

  3. This is so heartbreaking💔
    Poor Bebe didn’t even get a fair chance in life,this just breaks my heart& brings tears to my eyes😢Thank you for trying to save Bebe❤🌈🌈❤Run free Sweet Girl your life mattered❤🌈🌈❤

  4. Oh little one my heart is broken that you were treated so horribly in your short life!!!💔 The pain you endured is unimaginable!!! 😭 The despicable and disgusting scumbag that did this will be punished as God knows what they did to you!!! You now are pain free and playing in God’s beautiful heaven!!! 🐶💕 RIP Bebe 🌈 You will never be forgotten!! 💖May your memory be a Blessing to all that loved you unconditionally!!! 🐕💕

  5. This poor little innocent puppy what a goddamn shame, and you should find those people that put the chemicals on her and lock them up for life damn son of a bitches you should throw chemicals all over them and see how they like it so cruel what people do to animals sad thanks😂😂😂

  6. I believe they gave up on this pup. I think when they balanced the cost to save one dog they gave up on him. There was a dog in florida named Dade. he was the same age and breed as Bebe and looked just like him. He had chemical burns so severe some went down into his muscle. the rescue who saved him put all efforts into his recovery including oxygen therapy. It was a long road but Dade survived and he had the same things happening to him. i believe it’s just a case of money over the dogs life. If your interested in Dade story just look up Dades army. God keep you Bebe, you deserved better.


    These people should be found snd shot and leave to be eaten by wild animals. Or tied to a tree in the deep wilderness team that is assembled just for this to identify perfect feeding areas for people to feel and die at the same level of torture. Done.
    Note: They cut off a persons hand when they steal in Taiwan! Why can’t we solve this the same way. We can even include people who inflict torture and murder off of other people. Let’s give all these people what they are obviously asking for.. to see, feel and die like their victims did. The rate of animal and people murder would drop to ZERO! Are there any senators that have the courage to submit a bill??

  8. That poor baby was suffering. I couldn’t imagine how much pain it was in, but they should have euthanized her as soon as they knew what had happened. Whoever did that to Bebe will be meeting Karma and I hope very soon. I don’t understand how someone could do that to another living being, never mind a sweet, innocent baby dog. They do not have a heart and this is the work of the Devil. Evil is amongst us. Everyone please be cautious out there.



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