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Zoo Welcomes Extremely Rare Giraffe Calf

An extremely rare reticulated giraffe calf was welcomed at a Tennessee zoo on July 31.

Limestone, TN – On July 31, an extremely rare reticulated giraffe calf was born at a Tennessee zoo. The calf is so rare that she is believed to be the only one ON EARTH to be born without the distinct patterns for which giraffes are known.

The unusual calf is solid brown and experts believe that she is one of a kind. Brights Zoo said:

“Giraffe experts believe she is the only solid-coloured reticulated giraffe living anywhere on the planet,”

The zoo hopes to give the unique calf a special name and a contest between now and Sept. 4 is being held in order to allow the public to take part in the important decision. The zoo has outlined the four choices:

We have 4 names to choose from, The names and their meanings are below:
1. Kipekee – Unique
2. Firali – Unusual or Extradonary
3. Shakiri – She is most beautiful
4. Jamella – One of great beauty

You can follow Brights Zoo, and this beautiful calf, on Facebook at this link.

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  1. Poor baby, another animal bred in a roadside zoo that will never get to experience living free or being with a large herd of it’s own kind in Africa. This place doesn’t understand the first thing about conservation. Conservation starts by protecting animals in their natural habitat where they can be free and not face dying at the hands of poachers and trophy hunters. These roadside zoos breed animals to draw in paying customers who want to see the baby. This is NOT conservation. There should be no breeding allowed at any of this so called educational centers / zoos. They should only be taking in former exotic pets that have been seized from their owners who abused them or kept them illegally. And FYI….most animals in zoos are basically raped against their will….they are artificial inseminated by a vet or the animal’s caretaker. There is nothing natural or loving about how the mom became pregnant in most cases.

  2. The name Soledad came to mind her being a solid color and it actually means solitude or loneliness which could apply if she were to be born in the wild.. after that while some may interpret the name as negative it’s also seen as a symbol of strength and independence..


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