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Zoo Mourns Sudden And Unexpected Death Of Lion

A lion named Nyah died suddenly at the Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Aylesford, N.S. (Canada) – Staff at a Nova Scotia zoo are mourning the sudden and unexpected death of their African lion matriarch, Nyah. According to a release from the Oakland Farm Zoo, Nyah’s death on Sunday was unexpected – the lioness was just ten years of age.

On Wednesday, the zoo said:

Nyah was a force to be reckoned with from her arrival at Oaklawn. Arriving as a half grown cub, she grew into a beautiful, mature lioness that exuded royalty and was a constant companion for Sterk.

Nyah had a close bond with her offspring, Hunter and NneNne, and she frequently lounged and shared special “lioness” time with NneNne. The zoo said, “We are certain that Nyah’s lion family is missing her as much as we are.”

Nya was healthy until her passing. Staff suspects that she suffered a stroke.

Lions typically enjoy a lifespan averaging 25 years in captivity.

Rest in peace Nyah.

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  1. Animals should never ever be in a zoo!!!! Close them ALL down! They are just another way humans cause animals to suffer for entertainment. Disgusting!

  2. And why was she held in captivity to begin with? Animals don’t belong in zoos for human entertainment. Rest in peace dear one.


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