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Shameful Sentence – Man Who Set His Dog On Fire Spends Just 12 Days Behind Bars

A man admitted to setting his own dog on fire, but spent just 12 days in jail for the crime.

Indianapolis, IN – An Indianapolis man who admitted to setting his own dog on fire shamefully spent just 12 days behind bars. As reported by Fox 59 News, 39-year-old Dustin Mitchell admitted that he doused his pit bull in lighter fluid before setting the dog on fire by knocking over a lit grill.

Mitchell’s dog suffered horrible burns over much of his body and he somehow became trapped in the bathroom of a vacant building for an undetermined amount of time before being found.

The dog eventually wound up at Indianapolis Animal Care Services for care, but his injuries were so severe that he passed away. The man who caused so much suffering and pain pleaded guilty to a felony charge of torturing or mutilating an animal before being sentenced by Marion County Judge Linda Brown to 360 days in jail.

Man spent just 12 days behind bars for setting his dog on fire
Man spent just 12 days behind bars for setting his dog on fire

But Mitchell did not have to spend that time behind bars – because of a plea deal, he spent just 12 days in jail.

Animal Victory works hard to get stronger sentences for animal cruelty offenders like Dustin Mitchell. You can help put animal abusers away by signing and sharing petitions. Click here to learn more.

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  1. I am not a social-media user, but is there some way to put a photo of Mitchell and a short article about his crime and absurd sentence on the various social media? There’s no chance of a libel problem, since it is true and already public information. Can we get the photo and story abut this sick monster out there to the entire world? Who knows what he might do to a person, perhaps an unknowing girl he meets, or a shelter he visits to obtain another torture victim. I would to it if someone told me how. I’m 86 and not very technically oriented.

    • You would have to be on social media sites to do it yourself. If you are on FB you could probably copy and paste this guys picture, along with information from here. You may be able to google Fox 59 news, Indianapolis, In. find this story and copy and paste their link.

    • Demon to demon. The bastard who handed this so – called sentence was a demon, as is this thing that murdered its dog. The ‘judge’ probably hated dogs.

  2. Evil swine ~ only 12 days ~ does not recompense for the suffering and pain this poor dog endured 😤 😤 I will never know what makes people abuse their dog in such a heinous way 😡 fuming

  3. The monster will have to get 100% of his comeuppance in HELL then, that’s all. When he commits more violence against innocent lives including humans, this “judge” can congratulate herself.

  4. Maybe, someone will dole out some vigilante justice. Hopefully, we’ll read of his demise, via torture. I would enjoy reading that. Our so called “society” is now a cesspool, filled with scum. There is no accountability, and things will only get worse. The justice system doesn’t give a damn about the victims, and the perps get a slap on the wrist. People are sick, and tired, of this and you’ll be seeing more people talking the law into their own hands.



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