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Zoo Mourns Death Of Elderly Hippo, Pudgie

Wichita, Kansas – The Sedgewick County Zoo is mourning the loss of an elderly hippo named Pudgie. According to zoo officials, the 50-year-old hippo had been receiving “specialized geriatric care” to ensure her quality of life, but a recent “downward turn” made pain management impossible.

A release from the zoo states:

The very tough decision was made to compassionately and humanely euthanize her in order to prevent any suffering. A necropsy (animal autopsy) will be performed to further understand the extent of Pudgie’s health conditions.

Pudgie was born on Oct. 18, 1972, at Houston Zoo and has called Sedgwick County Zoo home since 1973. For the past five decades, she lived with another hippo, named Sweetie Pie, in the Zoo’s African Veldt habitat.

Zookeepers affectionately described Pudgie as “bossy,” and said that they will miss her stubborn personality, always greeting them with a “laugh” each morning and begging for treats and tongue scratches.”

Rest easy Pudgie.

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