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Zoo Announces Death Of Beloved Camel, Humphrey

Humphrey, a gentle giant, had to be euthanized because of worsening mobility problems.

Detroit, MI – This week, the Detroit Zoo announced the death of a beloved Bactrian camel named Humphrey. According to the zoo, Humphrey, who was known as a “gentle giant,” lived at the zoo since his birth in 2014.

The difficult decision to humanely euthanize Humphrey was made because his mobility issues could no longer be managed and staff did not want him to suffer. The zoo said:

Humphrey started experiencing mobility issues a few years ago, which is when our animal care staff began providing diagnostic exams and veterinary treatments to pinpoint the cause of his discomfort and provide him with relief. Humphrey received expert care for as long as possible, but unfortunately, his condition regressed – and the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanize him.

Though opting for euthanasia is never easy, the zoo said that their staff “took comfort” in knowing that Humphrey received the best care from their team throughout his entire treatment process.

Rest easy Humphrey.

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  1. The zoo is responsible for this. He wasn’t even 10 yrs. old. Zoos need to be banned entirely. Send them to real sanctuaries who do what is best for them now since they were torn from their homes originally!! You poor soul. I apologize on behalf of all humans

  2. He should not have been in a zoo in the first place. I just googled the life span of camels and it said up to 40 years.
    Humphrey was only nine. Why did he have mobility issues? Because he was cooped up for nine years? Not good enough!!!!!!



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