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Young Puppy Stolen During Armed Carjacking In Toronto

Toronto (Canada) – A young puppy, just two months of age, was stolen in an armed carjacking incident in Downsview Dells Park, Toronto, on Sunday morning. According to the Toronto Police, the victim exited their vehicle, a 2021 Porsche Cayenne SUV, and a man approached with a gun, demanding the keys.

The carjacker fled in the vehicle, with the victim’s pit bull/Rottweiler mix puppy inside.

The stolen vehicle’s license plate number is CYLC981. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 911.

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  1. Umm he most likely couldn’t rescue the pup because he had a gun to his FACE!

    Trust me, I totally understand what ur saying, I am an animal advocate as well.
    I just hope that pup is doing okay…

  2. Yeah. My concern too. Don’t people get it – you NEVER leave a dog, let alone a puppy, by itself in a car. If you don’t understand basic care of an animal then you shouldn’t have one. This owner sounds like he just wanted a “show off” dog, to go with his car

  3. Why didn’t the owner of the car take his dog out before the car was stolen? I hope they find the criminal that did this and not only charge him with stealing the car but also the dog. I assume by now the car and dog are long gone. Vehicles like this often shipped out and sold to someone else in another country. Happens a lot in CA and cars ending up in Mexico.


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