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Woman Throws Cat Into Bag, Stealing Her From Adoption Event

Update 6/7/2023: The rescue has announced an increase in the reward for Sprout’s safe return:

Update thanks to generous donors the reward is now up to Usd 1500.00 for safe return of Sprout.

Manhattan, NY – A New York animal rescue organization is desperate to find a cat who was stolen from an adoption event at Union Square in Manhattan on June 4. According to The Fabulous Feline, a woman cut the zip ties off of the adoptable cat’s cat and then threw the cat into a bag and ran away.

The rescue agency is offering an $825 reward for the stolen cat’s safe return. On Monday, the group wrote:

Update Reward is now 825.00 cash no questions asked please return our girl!!
We have received additional donations increasing the reward to 800.00 for the safe return of Sprout.
No questions asked we can meet take the cat and pay cash to whoever returns Sprout.

Please reach out to the rescue group if you have any information about this situation.

Facebook page here.


Note: The police have been alerted to the theft of Sprout.

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  1. They should not have these outdoor adoption events. First it’s easier to steal a cat in these events than in a shelter or pet store plus it’s too hot for these cats to be outdoors

    • Yes plus bring outdoors with the noise of cars etc is very traumatic for cats. Very stupid idea to gave these outdoor adoption events..if someone wants a cat they should just go to a shelter and adopt one .

      • Yeah, and if someone wants a bag of chips they should buy it and not steal it but there you have it. Assholes are everywhere. The van is very quiet inside. You can’t hear the traffic and other noises from the streets. It’s parked in an area that has little traffic anyway. These cats are NOT outdoors. They are in the van. It’s air conditioned during hot days but lately we’ve had quite cool weather. If someone is intent on stealing a cat they can do it inside a pet store as well. Having a van in a very populated area like Union Sq. during the farmer’s market is great. It is more exposure and more chance of being adopted. I personally think the van needs to out every single day with adoptable pets.

    • Dahhh, these were for adoption!! That’s why they have these events, looking for Adopters for these babies. What do you think these are for, for owners of cats to show their pets off!!! You don’t have a Clue 🙄🙄🤨

  2. Agree that it is a little irresponsible to have an outdoor adoption event like this-it is difficult (obviously, given what happened) to keep track of everyone coming and going plus the weather conditions, noise etc Ivan be upsetting to cats but why were these cats not in cages with covers? More than a little laxity displayed here. Just pray that the idiot that stole the cat has the best intentions for it.Makes you wonder.

    • Exactly. What’s sadder is more than one person witnessed this happen in the moment. Those witnesses did NOTHING TO STOP HER, NOTHING TO POINT HER ACTIONS OUT IMMEDIATELY. These situations happen with children in public too, and sometimes a HERO emerges to save, but most ignorant humans…don’t want to get involved. Humans ARE THE PROBLEM. Humans are still the stupidest creature existing. Humans PROVE THAT DAILY worldwide and Social Media is Stupiditys Major Platform??
      Social Media and this ugly broads starched mug is now known to all. Yet her family, friends or neighbour’s aren’t turning her in? She commit a crime against the cat, regardless of intentions.
      Pretty sad state when you can’t even find someone who’s been publicly posted on Social Media?? The Farse of American policing at its best, right alongside human stupidity.

  3. This dimwit probably sold that cat to an abuser for money. Look at her face, doesn’t look like a nice person. When they have these events, THEY NEED TO WATCH THE ANIMALS BETTER! GET MORE VOLUNTEERS!!! POOR CAT.

    • True a nice person wouldn’t steal a cat, I don’t understand why she couldn’t be stopped there must have other people there?? I don’t understand ‘adoption events’ I volunteer with a cat rescue in Wales UK. If somebody wants a cat they contact the sanctuary and have checks done first and the cat or kitten goes with a contract that if they can nolonger keep it for any reason, it must be returned to the sanctuary and not passed on to a third party. Also there is a fee to cover the cost of neutering, vaccinations, blood tests, worm and flea treatment. Every cat goes to the vet for a health check and treatment before going to the sanctuary.

  4. Need to watch these animals better.. No one went after the person.. not going to donate if cant even run an event

  5. She looks like a REAL NASTY PERSON, and obviously her son, (if not kidnapped also?) looks very upset and distressed. A Child Abuser likely too, I’d bet anyone, seeing fear in that child.
    And you witnesses, LET HER GWT AWAY. I wish evil karma to her, her family and every individual that witnessed this and did nothing.

  6. Not sticking up for the person, don’t know the whole story–but, could this have been her cat at one time, and it was stolen from her? Ran away? BF/husband got rid of it? Did she put in an application and was denied and really wanted the cat? We don’t know the whole story. Like I said , I am not defending her actions, but I did have a 5 month old kitten stolen from me back in 2007, –by a neighbor, and yes, had I seen him there or at an adoption event, yes, I would have taken all steps necessary to get him back. Just saying, we don’t know why she did this. Lets pray the cat has a good, loving home.

  7. Disgusting woman who couldn’t bring this cat to a shelter. Her punishment should be to put her in a bag and throw her out.
    . We need stronger animal abuse laws.

  8. Could it be one of those Peta whack jobs? They claim to help animals, but they’ve been known to do some pretty twisted stuff and I refuse to donate anything to them.



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