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Police Seek Answers After Near Death Puppy Found Abandoned In Tote

Chesapeake, VA – The police are hoping that a member of the public will come forward with information about an emaciated puppy who was abandoned in a tote near the Chesapeake Transfer Station on Hollowell Lane. As reported by the Virginian-Pilot, the puppy was near death when he was discovered.

Tragically, the puppy was “barely hanging on,” and passed away shortly after being found. The pup is described as a male “bully” breed who was mostly black with a bit of brown mixed in.

Anyone with information is asked to reach out to Chesapeake Animal Services at 757-382-8080 or Chesapeake Police at 757-382-6161. Tipsters can also call the Crime Line at 1-888-Lock-U-Up (1-888-562-5887) or submit tips at or by the p3tips app. Crime Line callers remain anonymous and could be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,500.

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  1. I so hope they find the one who did this to an innocent…NO animal should die like that!!!
    RIP sweet pupper your in God’s care NO1 will ever hurt you again!

    • Have gotten to where I just hate people because of this..just breaks your heart .Pathetic how depraved and evil some individuals are .These poor animals deserve so much better than humans

  2. Poor pup, people really suck, period! The things going on currently in this world should alarm everyone with a brain. Unfortunately most are too busy posting selfies of themselves acting like assholes on twitter and tik tok. That unfortunately is our future. Good Luck!! RIP Pup.

  3. FIND the PSYCHO-MONSTER who abuses & kills Doggies – IDIOT will REPEAT BRUTALITY — throw him in PSYCHE ward —

  4. THIS IDIOT LOVES to hurt animals, as you have read!! The IDIOT will also hurt women and men if possible, but the women for sure!! SOMEONE should turn this IDIOT in for killing a PUPPY, and they murdered the little fellow, and him with a SOUL! I think they should try the IDIOT for murder and give that IDIOT, whether he or she, the time they would have gotten if killing a baby!!!THAT is what IDIOTS don’t understand, or even try to understand, is that a PUPPY or DOG has a SOUL, and that, to me, makes them like HUMANS!! But dogs have a greater sense of humanity, loyalty, love, and protection, that is all they exude!! I have been around mean dogs before, and I have petted them!! So this IDIOT to me, doesn’t have the privilege of even having a soul!!!!!!!!!!!



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