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Walker Finds Pregnant Cat Abandoned In Plastic Container Left In The Woods

West Greenwich, RI – Someone walking in the woods discovered a pregnant, black cat who was abandoned in a plastic container. According to sources, the plastic container had holes in the sides and there was a small amount of food inside.

According to animal control, the cat is safely in the care of a local animal shelter.

Anyone with information about this cat and/or this situation is asked to contact the West Greenwich Police or Animal Control at 401-397-7191.

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  1. They need to get the fingerprints from everything in the container and prosecute the person to the maximum! Poor kitty had to be petrified!! Hope she is well.

  2. The really stupid thing about the situation is that the cat could probably take pretty good care of herself. This situation actually inhibits the cat from surviving and having her kittens. Cats are almost uncanny in their ability to survive on their own. They may not live as long as a domestic cat, but they are quite capable of catching rodents, etc.

    Also consider there are a LOT of people out there whose mental faculties are not acute for various reasons. There are people whose emotional faculties are also stunted by abuse and hardship. These people can lack the ability to make smart decisions.

  3. This is horrible! Whoever did this has a sick mind & no empathy! I detest people like that. Obviously this person never thought about the bad things that could happen to this kitty by shutting her in a box. I hope the evil disgusting thug who did this is found & punished severely. I hate animal abuse & we definitely need stricter laws to punish these lowlifes!

  4. I’m wondering if this was a feeble attempt by someone to get this cat seen and taken in by someone. They left it close to a road, in a clear, rather than opaque container, with food inside as well what looks like in the picture, food in a container next to it. If so, this is one person who is miserable at thinking things through. The cat could have been harmed in so many ways, plus possibly suffocate with all that bedding, plus of course, her food would quickly be gone, giving birth would be so difficult and the babies and her would eventually die..slowly. If people won’t spay and neuter their cats, or dogs, why have animals at all. It’s much easier I guess for lazy, one brain celled individuals to do something like this rather than take responsibility for animals in their lives…and it’s also much easier to dump their responsibilities off on someone else. It takes a weak person to do something like this.

  5. I’d like to see the EXACT TREATMENT ON THE HUMAN INDIVIDUALS, except NOT SAVED UNTIL DEAD. Problems solved. no legal costs, no penal costs and safety ‘somewhat’ to society again, temporarily until the next creton arises. Permanent removal from life is the only answer of these types of humans!!

    • I always loved black cats!! 🐈‍⬛🥰
      I rehomed a black cat from a shady person, a couple yrs ago, only to find her pregnant and then kept all four black female kittens for fear of the human risks to them. I had watched them grow up, and each very different yet, each having one or more of Mums similar traits. Similar to humans raised well. All five are now fixed and live safe happy, healthy lives and I love all my black beauties!!! Human ignorance has not evolved much if you are so ignorant to believe such idiot superstition. The Puritans were so very ‘deficient’ with their practices!!! Grow some brain cells, and educate yourself!!!

  6. What the hell is wrong with people?? If you didn’t want the cat, take her to a shelter. Better yet, don’t have a pet if you’re just to abandon it when its not convenient for you! Some people are sickening.

  7. Did this sorry excuse for a human being really think that leaving this poor cat inside a box with a little food and holes in the box for ventilation would allow this cat and her kittens to survive? What the hell is wrong with people that they think this is okay? As an animal lover and cat owner (2) it appals me to hear these stories of abandonment of cats , and it happens to cats more often than dogs . These people should never have a pet period because they obviously don’t create a bond with their animals and that is why the rest of us normal people have pets- the bond is what makes us so protective of our pets, something these assholes are incapable of .and will never understand. At the end of the day this story has a happy ending but unfortunately this is not always the case and that is really, really sad.

  8. The time of Judgement is near. Then these demons will be cast back down to hell to forever endure endless wailing and gnashing of teeth!!!!

  9. THANK YOU for saving Kitty — Find the Abusers who ABANDONED Cat in woods — we have CHOICES — Kitty could’ve been transported to NO-KILL Shelter and NOT LEFT in woods to suffer

  10. the behavior of these lowlifes will never change. there are no longer any consequences to being a lowlife criminal, as a matter of fact in todays sick mind set it is acceptable behavior. today we hurt the victim and victimize the criminal. truly is sad to see!

  11. I’m guessing they will not find this subhuman. This is horrific cruelty. To dump a pregnant cat in a box in the woods. Imagine the fear! Anything could have happened. She had to urinate all over herself in the box. What if an animal torturer found her? Or she suffocated to death, or had a heat stroke? The system is gentle to animal abusers and they keep abusing. I’m so disgusted with the actions of humans. This is horrendous. I hope she is is adopted and her kitties also, into loving safe forever homes.

    • Its so heartbreaking poor Mama kitty pregnant abandoned in the woods all alone in a small plastic wondering “Where’s my family?”, What did I do? I miss my family. I’m scared out here alone. It just breaks my heart that abandoned and pregnant is a selfish act of cruelty. Thank you to the Angel that found her.. 💗BLESSED💗


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