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Two Dogs Fighting To Recover After Being Rescued From House Fire

Blanchester, OH – Two dogs were rescued from a devastating house fire early Saturday morning, but now they are fighting to recover from injuries sustained in the blaze. According to the Blanchester Marion Township Fire Department, the dogs were trapped inside and unresponsive when they were first found:

During the structure fire this am there was a report of two dogs trapped. First in crews was able to locate the dogs which was unresponsive and with the help of Blanchester EMS able to revive both dogs and stabilize them till they could be transported to a veterinary hospital.

According to a fundraiser set up for the dogs’ veterinary care, Loki, the Corgi, suffered brain damage from the lack of oxygen, and both dogs have burned eyes and respiratory issues.

The family is hopeful that their dogs will make a full recovery. Stay updated and/or make a donation to their veterinary expenses at this link.

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  1. I am pleased that their family are standing by them and not passing them off as not perfect anymore. Most will care but sadly, not all. What a hard thing for the dogs and their people. Thanks to the firefighters to saved them.


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