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Things ‘Look Hopeful’ For Cat Intentionally Set On Fire

Tipp City, OH – A cat intentionally set on fire after being doused in accelerant continues to improve, and things “look hopeful” for his recovery. Our Farm Sanctuary shared the promising update about Fotis on Wednesday:

For those of you who don’t know, he’s the cat who was deliberately doused in accelerant and set on fire almost exactly a month ago.
Tonight’s update from his vet at Care Center in Dayton: He continues to do well and is even eating and drinking some on his own. He seems to be in good spirits and the majority of his wounds are coming along nicely, aside from a couple of questionable areas on both rear legs.

According to a police report, someone had “casually flicked” a cigarette on Fotis after he was covered in accelerant – the resulting burns covered most of his body and required him to be hospitalized.

There are no guarantees for Fotis’ complete recovery, but right now, things look hopeful. Veterinary staff is seeing glimpses of the cat’s true, “affectionate and resilient” personality. Our Farm Sanctuary said that he “seems to hold nothing against us despite the bewildering act of violence that brought Fotis to us in the first place.”

Follow this resilient cat’s progress at this link to Our Farm Sanctuary on Facebook.

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    On a positive note, I am so glad this beauty is healing. 😇

  2. Let’s burn this demon who did this to this poor innocent cat!!! Light him/her on fire and watch them be brought to ashes

  3. There is a monster walking around out there who needs to be caught and punished severely!! Prayers for this sweet kitty to heal and be well soon.

  4. Satan’s spawn lurks amoung us everywhere. He comes only to kill, steal and destroy. It’s befitting he & his spawn burn in hell !!! Can’t come too soon…

    Prayers for Fotis, may he be blessed & receive justice for what this monster did to him.

    • This evil being is a dangerous to the community and should be held in extreme punishment. What the hell is wrong with people to deliberately harming an innocent animal. It is disgusting to know that this person roams around in the community. If anyone saw who did this report them to authorities. Someone must have seen or know who did this. If you have any conscience DO THE RIGHT THING!!


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