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Sweet Senior Cat Adopted After Spending His ENTIRE Life At Shelter

An adorable cat named Barney finally found a family of his own after his photo went viral on Reddit.

Estherville, Iowa – An adorable senior cat, who spent his entire life at the Iowa animal shelter, has finally been adopted. Nine-year-old Barney called the Emmet County Animal Shelter home for nearly a decade, but his life took a turn when kennel manager Lindsey Rohrbaugh took a photo and it was posted to Reddit.

Barney’s captivating smile went viral on the Reddit post that read, “Meet Barney, he’s been at his shelter since he was born. He’s 9 years old and the happiest-looking cat you’ll see today.”

Senior cat finally adopted after nine years at shelter
Senior cat finally adopted after nine years at shelter

Hundreds of people commented on the post and thousands gave it an upvote. The viral post led to a deluge of applications and one lucky person was chosen to be Barney’s new person.

Amanda Scherer tells the Des Moines Register what drew her to sweet Barney, “I was scrolling through Reddit, and he popped up… I saw him and thought he was super cute.”

This week, the shelter let Facebook fans that Barney was headed off to his new life with a family of his very own:

Barney went to his forever home this week! Thank you to Amanda and her family for opening their hearts and their home to this sweet boy. He instantly loved them on the day they finally met. We’ve been told he enjoys rolling on the carpet, and he’s enjoying loves and attention, as expected! Congrats Barney on finding your forever family!

Barney has been adopted!
Barney has been adopted!

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  1. BEST news I’ve heard in…???
    We don’t get a lot of good news in these dire times.
    I would have scooped Barney up in a NY nanosecond. He looks a lot like my 16-year-old beloved, adopted at 9.
    Thanks to you and to Barney’s caregivers and new family for sharing this truly wonderful news. Hoping and praying for a LOT more like this.

  2. Don’t understand why this cat was never adopted before this; but happy for him that he finally has a loving home. Z-Great ending.

  3. What a wonderful, heartwarming story and happy ending! He’s a perfect fit into this kind and nice friendly family! They belong together, it shows!! Hard to believe this sweet kitty didn’t get a home years ago, but it worth waiting for the perfect family to bring him home!
    I have my oldest cat Pompon is 16 years old and still happily walking around on leash outside on the streets!
    So this kitty has long time to enjoy his new life, wishing all of them lots of happiness for the years to come!!😻💖

  4. Really Surprised that he wasn’t adopted years ago. God Bless the Family that Gave This Sweet Boy His Forever New Home & The Love & Affection He Deserves to Live A Happily Ever Life.🙏❤️

  5. THANK YOU to wonderful Adopters — THANK YOU to the wonderful Shelter — a NO-KILL Shelter, I’d think — who loved Barney for a decade — you’re the best — as all Shelters SHOULD be : ready to HOLD and PROTECT and LOVE Animals until next Family.



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