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‘Superhero’ Dog Rushes To Save Canine Brother From Coyote Attack

Mission Viejo, CA – When two coyotes set their sights on a small dog named Harley, his older canine “brother” Vinnie sprang into superhero mode. The 11-year-old dog, who is mostly toothless, bravely rushed at the coyotes, who had picked Harley up in the backyard of the dogs’ home.

The senior dog’s actions startled the coyotes enough that Harley was dropped and survived the seemingly unsurvivable.

The dogs’ owner, David Macaluso, tells WLBT News:

“He just chased them. I think he had a low-level growl that, I think, it shocked the coyote,”

His wife, Erin, added:

“It does look like he jumped on him. and he darted this way. And then that gave Harley an opportunity to flip over and run the other way.”

Harley suffered several bite wounds that required nearly two dozen stitches, but he is alive to “tell the tale” thanks to his brave friend.

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  1. These dogs are marvelous!! This time the coyote did not have a chance, but if he had another chance, it would have been harder to chase him away!! But this dog wanted to save his brother and that is what he did!! Maybe the people will learn to watch their small dogs outside!! This could happen again!!!!!!!!!!



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