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Stunning Siblings Picked Up As Strays, But Nobody Came To Get Them


San Bernardino, CA – On October 5, two stunning young dogs were picked up as strays and taken to the San Bernardino City Animal Control. The year-old dogs, believed to be siblings, were released from their stray hold on October 9 but nobody came forward to reclaim them, adopt them, or rescue them.

Now the Belgian Malinois pups are at risk, just like every other unclaimed, unwanted dog at the busy animal control facility.

It is difficult to comprehend how gorgeous, young, healthy dogs can be unwanted and at risk of being put down…but it is a sad reality facing thousands upon thousands of pets across the nation. Rescue groups are full and people are surrendering dogs and cats faster than they are adopting them.

In the current climate, beautiful dogs like these siblings are being killed for no reason other than a lack of space and a lack of resources to properly care for them until adopters can be found.

You can help save these pups from being killed by sharing their adoption information. Time is of the essence to save them from dying.

Adoption profile for ID# A559824, “Amber” here. 

Adoption profile for ID# A559823, “AJ” here.

For further information, please call (909) 384-1304
Rescue partners: Email

Location: San Bernardino City Animal Control
Phone Number: (909) 384-1304
Address: 333 Chandler Place
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this shelter facility. Thank you.

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  1. These 2 are like the 3rd and 4th Belgians to be dumped and sent to this same shelter! I know because I always try to find a PD in the area where Belgians might be trained as working dogs. Someone must of had a litter because ALL 4 dogs are about the same age!
    The police should investigate and find the person who’s been doing this and charge them with animal dumping and cruelty. People always think breeding dogs is going to make them rich and when they can’t sell the puppies they dump them!

    • I have been doing rescue for 40+ years starting with Doberman rescue in Miami in the 70s.. if these 2 beautiful pups need fostering at the very least I’m offering my home. I have a 2300 Sq ft home on 1.10 acres. I currently own 1 -14yo female Doberman rescued from the Amish puppy mills 1+ years ago. I have a 10yo silky terrier rescue and 2 rescue cats.. I’m getting to the age where I’m concerned about adopting after this family is gone but I can foster.. I cannot imagine my home without my 4 legged companions.. my Doberman is dealing with vestibular syndrome and possible liver cancer and dementia but she’s still a happy girl but I don’t hold out for many more years as 14 is already 2 years over for life expectancy. She’s been with me since 2012 and she was with the Amish for 4 so there’s the math for Guin.. my cats are 16 and 12 that I’ve had since 12 weeks and 1 year. My female is a freelance rescue. My male I got at 1 year off of Craigslist from some kids who were moving and couldn’t keep him.. so my history is extensive and easily referenced through my vets.. I had a shepherd husky that I found abandoned on the street in Texas who became an addasonian a few years after I found her at 1 yo.. she lived to 15 and succumbed to kidney failure.. I’d love to hear the outcome of their situation..

        • Well I don’t know what the problem is with this platform but I did post a reply that I did contact the San Bernardino animal control and I have to find a rescue here in Rochester NY to transport them and after that watch the fb website for updates but it doesn’t look good transporting from CA to NY . Got a feeling it’s either going to take a miracle or a good Samaritan to get them here but I’ll do my best.. I may contact our local aspca we have here which is excellent.. they rescue from all kinds of situations and have a farm like set up for horses and other large animals.. this National news platform is annoying as hel as their ads block what I try to write so sorry if this is a mess I can’t see it and I Can’t correct anything. Hopefully this will post..

      • Please call the Shelter and inquire if you can help. They’re not going to read your comment here. If you can foster then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

    • Tamara: You want these dogs to end up as police K9s because of their breed? You must know nothing about the “training” practices in law enforcement…it’s absolute torture behind the scenes. Search Surely there are other people who would want these types of dogs aside from law enforcement. Or there would be plenty of other people if not for PUPPY BREEDERS who provide a continual, endless glut of puppies to the “market” every day; no limit to their thoughtless, heartless greed. When do people finally wise up?

    • I worked in law enforcement. Believe me, unless you approve of hanging (kicking, dragging, slamming, etc.), and worse, of working dogs, you do not want these dogs going into a police or sheriffs K9 unit.

      It’s a weII-protected dirty secret, under the Code of Silence.

    • This happens more often than most people realize. The authorities are overloaded with “people crimes” . The “humane protection agencies are overloaded as well. Social media is the best way to handle investigating something like this. Unfortunately, a large number of dogs are dumped in the high desert.
      Anyone with room to foster or adopt a dog or cat, now is the time that you are desperately needed!

  2. Please call the Shelter and inquire if you can help. They’re not going to read your comment here. If you can foster then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

    • It’s not the shelter that you need to speak with! You need to start with the rescue groups- one in NY and one near the shelter.
      I am one of many “Instagram Urgent Dog Networkers”
      I live in MD. I got my GSD shipped to me from a rescue group in Cali.
      There is a lot of red tape. There are costs associated with adopting thru a rescue & for transport. Please feel free to email me. I am a volunteer working solo to save lives. My Instagram is @zerodestruction1
      I prefer email so that I get your message faster. Please email me for rescue names in both states & info on what you’ll need to do. Don’t hesitate to act. They may be killed at anytime.
      Email me at
      Thanks for caring!!

  3. I was able to contact the San Bernardino city animal control and the dogs are still in their system. I’m in Rochester, NY. I have to coordinate transport through a rescue here in Rochester to initiate transport they will not do it from their end. I will be trying to find a rescue here to see what can be worked out but I hate to sound negative but since covid and this administration those efforts are becoming difficult. All the people that adopted dogs during covid have now dumped them back into the system and everyone is on overload. I will do what I can but I’m only a foster/adopter I don’t get involved in administration and administrative has become money motivated. In other words corrupt. I will not be answering through this platform as the obnoxious ads keep blocking my typing. Watch the Facebook site for further updates. I’m trying but I’m not feeling good about it. Unless some wonderful person can coordinate transport they’re at the mercy of the San Bernardino community. I’m sick and heartbroken.



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