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Seriously Injured K9 Survived Surgery And Making Strides Towards Recovery

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin – The Fond Du Lac County Sheriff’s Office K9 who was seriously injured in a shootout on Saturday morning has survived surgery and he is making strides towards recovery. On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office updated worried Facebook followers about K9 Iro’s condition following surgery:

He’s tired but he’s awake, visually tracks his handler/partner around the room, and remains stable with no major setbacks. He even got a ride outside on his hospital bed for a little fresh air for a few minutes today!

Noting that Iro raised his head after spotting his favorite toy – a tennis ball.

A short time later, a video clip was shared on social media showing Iro walking with assistance. Sheriff Ryan F. Waldschmidt said:

The goal today was to get him to sit up. He had other plans. He stood up and said, “outta my way, I’m going for a walk to get my tennis ball!”

K9 Iro’s care team is working hard to help him recover from his injuries. You can follow his progress at the sheriff’s Facebook page here. 

Original story about K9 Iro here.

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  1. We need better designed robots instead of sending these innocent creatures into the line of fire without protection. Would you send a 2-3 year old child into fire? The dog doesn’t even have knowledge or rights. If the dog understood his handler sacrificed him, he would surely leave if he could. We can designed self driving cars, satellites, AI, but still can’t design or smaller drones with weaponry to fly inside the house? Ridiculous. Stop sacrificing animals!



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