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Starving, Elderly Dog Crawled Into Car, Looking For Help

Kentwood, Louisiana – This week, an elderly, emaciated dog crawled into the passenger side of a parked car, as if looking for help. The dog, dubbed Rose, was in luck because the car she chose belonged to a rescuer.

Jeff Dorson, with the Humane Society of Louisiana, said:

Fortunately, the car belonged to a rescuer, a home care attendant who was visiting a patient. The dog was a stray.

When a plea for help was issued, strangers stepped up to donate the funds to help save Rose’s life. Dorson said:

Sweet Rose and our Humane Society thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your donations saved this little girl’s life. She’s at the vet clinic right now


Rose says, “Thank you so much. Until last night when I met this nice lady, I didn’t think anyone cared about me.”

Rose is receiving veterinary care and will get the help she needs thanks to the kindness of people who felt compelled to do what they could. She is expected to recover because of this kindness.

Donations for Rose’s care can be made at this link to her donation page on Facebook.

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  1. Thank you and all the wonderful people who have rescued these beautiful souls. I would, however, like to know that the SOBs who abandoned and abused these sweet souls are being held responsible and punished for their cruelty they deserve to burn in hell.



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