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Spooked Horse Rescued After Getting Stuck In Neck Deep Mud

A spooked horse wound up in neck deep mud.

Monroe Township, Indiana – This week, a spooked horse who wound up in neck-deep mud, was rescued. The Monroe Township Fire Department said that the horse, Arlo, ended up in the muddy rap area of Wilcox Lake. The agency said:

Poor Arlo sank up to his neck in mud and water and was unable to get himself out.

Arlo’s owners called 911 and Clark County Deputies responded and then requested Monroe Township FD. The agency outlined how they freed Arlo from his muddy trap, writing:

Utilizing a variety of equipment including backboards, webbing, straps, rope, and the power winch line from R21, all personnel worked together to free Arlo from the suction of the deep mud.

Arlo, freed from neck-deep mud
Arlo, freed from neck-deep mud

After Arlo was freed, he got himself up, ate some food, then posed for a photo.

On Wednesday, the fire department got an update from Arlo’s owner, Allison:

β€œHe is perfectly healthy and happy now!! Thank you again!”

Arlo, safe after being freed from mud
Arlo, safe after being freed from mud

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  1. How did the horse get spooked? And if he was in a enclosure like a barn or field that was fenced, how did the horse get into a muddy area where he almost died? As pet guardians, it’s up to us to protect our animals from harm.

  2. You can see in the first photo he is wearing a saddle. So, it would make sense that he got spooked while being ridden and ran into the mud. Also, a horse spooked bad enough can still run through or go over a fence, or injure themselves trying. you can do the best you can. and absolutely should!, but it’s impossible to make it 100% safe from everything.
    I’m glad that he was found safe and sound, and the emergency crews had the equipment to safely get him back up, again. Somtimes horses hurt themselves severely by struggling to stand up in conditions like that.



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