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Special Home Needed For Dog Held At Shelter For nearly 800 Days

Wantagh, NY – A New York animal shelter is searching for a special home for a dog who has been in their care for nearly 800 days. The American bulldog, named Butchy, has been at the Town of Hempstead animal shelter since August 2021.

According to shelter staff, Butchy had a home, but he developed resource guarding issues and his family felt it was best to rehome him.

weighing in at 120 pounds means that Butchy’s new owners must be able to handle him, and his impressive size. The shelter wants Butchy to join a household with no other pets, no kids, and a “savvy” owner.

Butchy may have some issues that make finding him a home difficult, but he has many characteristics that would make him a great companion as well. The shelter staff said:

 He LOVES going on creek trail walks, this big boy splashes in the water until he covers himself in mud! He loves the water! He is goofy when he runs, but its adorable to see!! He loves time in the play yard with his human friends, and we know there is a SPECIAL home for him!!

If you have questions about this dog, or want to learn more about how to give him a home, please reach out to the shelter’s placement staff!

Petfinder link here.

T: 516.785.5220

If you are not in a position to adopt Butchy, you can still help him find a home by taking a moment to share his adoption information.

Note: Please call the shelter directly. Animal Victory is not the point of contact for this dog and has no affiliation with this dog or this facility. Thank you!

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