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Family Saves Pig Who Was Swimming Miles From Shore

Oahu – A misguided pig was saved by a family who found her swimming off the coast of Oahu. The Mellor family was boating near Chinamanʻs Hat off of windward Oahu when they spotted something in the water.

At first, they thought it was a log, then they wondered if it might be a dog – but it was actually an exhausted pig whose eyes seemed to be pleading for help. June Mellor tells KHON News,

“We were just baffled looking around thinking where did you come from? How did you get out here?”

The family was able to get a rope around the pig and eventually pulled her onto their boat, where she promptly collapsed from exhaustion.

The family ventured to their sandbar destination as they had originally planned and the pig, dubbed Miracle, accompanied them for two hours. When they finally returned to shore, they found a wooded area and Miracle perked up, wiggled her tail, and scampered away.

Nobody knows how Miracle wound up so far from shore, but the Mellor family is happy that they were in the area and could save her from drowning.

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  1. Poor little girl. Imagine, on other sites there would be people making bacon jokes. I’m so grateful to those kind people who saved her from dying in a terrible way, drowning. Here’s hoping that someday soon she and all other animals are treated with such kindness, always.


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