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Shelter Pleads For Help: 81 Days And Absolutely No Interest From Adopters Or Rescues

A young dog has been overlooked for more than 81 days at a Texas animal shelter.

Kingsville, Texas – A Texas animal shelter is pleading for help on behalf of a dog who has spent 81 days in its care, with absolutely no interest from adopters or rescues. On Wednesday, the City of Kingsville Health Department Animal Control and Care Center posted a photo of Beefy, writing:

Beefy…AKA Cleveland is a Mastiff mix. He is about 4 yrs old, weighs 71 lbs and is heartworm negative with no health issues.

Shelter pleads for help for dog who has had no interest for 81 days
Shelter pleads for help for dog who has had no interest for 81 days

According to the shelter, Beefy LOVES to play tug-of-war. Staff believes that this young dog is best suited to an experienced dog owner who will commit to training.

Come visit him at 3421 N FM 1355, Kingsville, or call 361-592-3324 for more information! $10 adoption fee

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this shelter facility. We share homeless pets in need of homes in order to reach more people and get them the help they need.

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  1. The dog is a pitbull or pitbull mix. Pitbulls account for the overwhelming majority of maimings and killings of humans and other animals. They are generationally bred to kill. I oppose cruelty to any animal, but I also advocate for BSL, for all of the reasons that should be obvious. Humane euthanasia for pitbulls and pitbull mixes would save lives, families, and unbelievable suffering. Please do not advocate for rehoming, or homing, or breeding of these very dangerous dogs. They are unpredictable, as many who have advocated for them and been maimed or had loved ones maimed or killed by them can attest.

    • Sad that you have placed dogs of one breed in one category, killers. That is absolutely false. Yes there are pit bulls out there that should not be adopted out but that is true for huskies, german shepherds, Rottweilers and numerous other breeds but there are also some wonderful dogs in those breeds. Please don’t spread that sort of misinformation if you don’t have the facts on this dog. Each dog is different. Oh and if you really have something to say use your real name.

    • u r wrong on all accounts . read the michael vick story . he fought dogs , killed dogs and was pure evil . the pitties who survived were saved from euthanasia and have gone on to live with families. with no problems and i remember one who even goes into hospitals to visit the sick .i bet u have never had a pittie close to u . go visit a shelter that has some . get to k them and i bet ur attitude will change

    • Rubbish !! This breed just want to please you !! It’s the owners and how they rear them !! My girl is 16 and has never put a foot wrong !

    • Dogs are not dangerous, the people who abused them and use them to fight are the issue! I am the proud owner of two rescue pit bulls and had two other ones as rescues who passed peacefully of old age. Do not, discriminate against this breed, when I was young it was Doberman pinchers, again it has to do with the people. If you discriminate, may someone stereo type against your lack or understanding. You are part of the issue and not helping the situation. Shame on you!

    • You are very ignorant. IF you knew ANYTHNG about Pitbulls, u wud know they r the most loyal, loving, funny wiggle butts & r never violent, unless trained to be. U can train a cocker-spaniel to be violent; it all depends on the OWNER. Stop spreading malicious lies about an entire breed that u know nothing about. Have a nice day.

  2. Pit bulls are the most gentlest, loving breed out there. They just want to love on you. I get so angry when I hear misinformed people spread “information ” that they are dangerous. When pit bulls have bit or hurt someone, it’s more often or not, due to humans training them to fight illegally or some parent not watching their child and the child poking, pulling, standing, etc on the poor dog until it has given its final warning, as with any breed of dog. What it comes down to is be a GOOD PET OWNER.

  3. SHARE FOSTER ADOPT — 81 Days and STILL waiting – Beefy is a beautiful Dog — in loving and in right hands Beefy & family will all thrive —



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