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Shelter Hopes To Find Home For The Most Precious Friends

Precious friends, Hazel Grace and Prudence, need a home together.

Burlington, IA – Staff at a Des Moines County animal shelter are hoping to find a home to take in the most precious of friends. Three days ago, the Des Moines County Humane Society introduced Facebook friends to Hazel Grace and Prudence.

Precious friends need a home
Precious friends need a home

Explaining how Hazel Grace fell in love with her tiny feline friend, and sharing the sweet kitty’s disability:

She has some issues with her legs, they are bent weird, and she doesn’t have hip sockets. This kitten would become my best friend, I needed her just as much as she needed me. I started getting excited each time they would bring it in.

Hazel Grace lacked confidence and was fearful before meeting Prudence. But the little feline friend has helped her learn that the world is not that scary, and it has enabled her to even have some fun.

The shelter shares the requirements for a new home, writing:

We just want a home to call our own now and appreciate all the love we have gotten from the staff here. I do have a few requests for my new home though. I need a fenced yard that I can run in and that would be safe for Prudence to hang out in as well. I need someone that is going to take the time to get to know me and let me gain their trust and get comfortable with. It might take me some time, but I promise I won’t disappoint you; I will give you the best kisses when I get to know you better. I also need someone to show me that being on a leash isn’t a bad thing. I’m getting a little used to it but it’s still not my favorite thing. One last thing, if you have another dog in the home that would be a bonus for me, not so much for Prudence, but she will get used to it eventually.

You can learn more about these precious friends at this link to Facebook, or this link to the shelter’s website. 

Prudence adoption link here.

Precious friends need a home
Precious friends need a home

If you would like to fill out an application for Hazel Grace and Prudence please go to and better yet go to the shelter to meet them! The shelter is open for visitors 3-6 PM Tuesday-Friday and 1-5 PM on the weekends. You can call them as well if you have any other questions 319.753.8389.

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