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Severely Burned Cat Receiving Life-Saving Care At Maui Animal Shelter

A cat was severely burned in the devastating fire that swept through Lahaina.

Maui – A cat who suffered severe burns in the devastating Lahaina fire is receiving life-saving care at the Maui Humane Society. According to the animal welfare agency, the cat was taken into their care on August 11 after being found near the Lahaina Aquatic Center.

The shelter said the cat, dubbed Alani, has burned paw pads, a “swollen and painful” mouth, and he was very dehydrated when he first arrived.

Alani is one of an estimated 3,000 animals believed to have been displaced by the tragic fire that swept through Lahaina, killing at least 100 people and destroying hundreds of homes.

Alani is receiving pain medication and daily paw soaks to help him feel better. The shelter said:

he’s eating like a champ and he purrs with very gentle pets. All signs that he is feeling better.

Alani had no identification, but the shelter wants his owners to know that he is safe and in good hands while healing from his injuries. You can find the animal shelter on Facebook at this link.

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  1. This is one of the lucky ones that survived- it is heartbreaking to think of the ones that didn’t and how they must have suffered. Terrible tragedyHope this little guy makes a full recovery.

  2. Poor baby. Hope he makes a full recovery and lives the long life he deserves. Hopefully, many more displaced animals will be saved in the days ahead.

  3. *Prayers* for rescuers and caregivers to be given free access to the affected zones at once. Life is for the living, and prioritizing recovery efforts is shameful. Let the LIVING be saved and receive the care they need!

  4. I saw a woman recue a new born kitten from the ashes. I’ve looked every where for any update. I know they been trapping the cats and leaving food but the birds keep eating it. They really need chicken scratch for the birds because I’ve seen many chickens running loose and they need help too.



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