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Shelter Admonishes Person Who Abandoned Mother Cat And Kittens, Tying Mother To Chain Link Fence

Liberal, KS – Animal shelter staff in Liberal, Kansas, publicly admonished whoever abandoned a mother cat and her kittens when the shelter was closed. The Liberal Animal Shelter called out the person in a public Facebook post, letting them know that one of the abandoned kittens was lost:

“you tied momma with string to the outside kennel and just dumped out the 4 babies. The problem is the babies were not contained and so by the time we got to work one of the babies has wandered off (we can’t find it) and momma was tied to the chain link fence so she couldn’t even go get it back with the group.”


Can you imagine being tied to something & not being able to go save your baby!!

The shelter acknowledged that the person may have been trying to get the unwanted cats somewhere safe, but advised them that they should have contacted the shelter staff and left the feline family when the facility was open.

(Stock image of kittens via Pixabay/NOT the cats who were abandoned)

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  1. Why don’t people in situations like this just take the animals directly into the shelter? This was totally irresponsible on the part of whoever left these poor animals like this. I wish people would just think before abandoning animals like this and just hoping everything works out for the best.

      • People who abandon animals are monsters and going to jail is too easy on them. I pray karma gets them in the future really bad where they become homeless with no help from anyone. Lowlives who should not have had animals to begin with because animals are better than them. And it doesn’t cost to surrender animals at a shelter and even if it did, SO WHAT do a good deed for once and do the right thing. If these idiots had the mother cat spayed they wouldn’t be stuck w babies. Dummer than dum. Theyr irresponsible cat ownership only hurts the animals in the end. Obviously these monsters didn’t give a sh…about their wellbeing. I wish I could lock them up for a long time .

    • Because Shelters now charge for owners to surrender and they would rather buy a candy bar or Beer with that money they would have had to pay to do the right thing. DMP

  2. Condemning people who are trying to help animals results in bad outcomes. What shelters need to tell people who likely cannot afford their fees is that they should reach out to local rescues.

  3. What a horrible thing to do. Poor little kitten who is now lost because someone was too stupid to wait until the shelter was open. Spay and neuter! This will help prevent things like this from happening.

    • Shelter did not tie mother to fence, the person who dumped her and the kittens tied Mama to the fence.
      Poor thing couldn’t take care of her babies.

  4. Was not aware that shelters charge for pet surrenders-but even if these people were aware of that fact it does not excuse them from trying to find other ways to surrender these animals compassionately besides just basically leaving them to fate and hoping nothing happens to them before they are found.Feel sorry for owners who have to give up their pets for whatever reason but think and exhaust all avenues of surrender before resorting to this desperation.



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