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Senior Shepherd Sent To Shelter When His Owner Deployed – 9 Months Later He Is Still Homeless

Los Angeles, CA – Nine months ago, a senior German shepherd named Cash was sent to a California animal shelter when his owner deployed. In the time that has passed, nobody has stepped up to take this very good boy home.

On Wednesday, an advocate said:

Sweet and handsome Cash is all about his people. This big boy (85-90 lbs.) just wants to be loved. He is social, affectionate and playful with everyone he meets. ♥️


Being at the shelter was very stressful for Cash at the beginning. While he has accepted being in a kennel 24/7, we would love to find him a home. He has been at the shelter for 9 months, which is way too long to be in a kennel environment, especially for older dogs.

Notes from Cash’s prior owner:

Very loyal and loves people.
🐾Well behaved when left alone.
🐾Gentle around children.
🐾Loves playing catch & fetch with balls and squeaky toys.
🐾Loves back scratches.
🐾Would be best as the only dog in the house.

Do you have questions about Cash, or want to learn more about how you can help him? Please e-mail Janni at

Located At: Los Angeles Animal Services – West Los Angeles Shelter
Description: My name is Cash and I am a neutered male, black smoke and tan Mixed Breed.
Age: The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old.
Weight: I weigh approximately 72 pounds.
More Info: I have been at the shelter since Jan 21, 2023.

Location: Los Angeles Animal Services – West Los Angeles Shelter
Phone Number: (888) 452-7381
Address: 11361 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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      • Exactly, very sad that this person serving our country doesn’t have family or friends who would take his dog while he is away so they can be reunited when he returned. I never understand how family and friends don’t step up when someone they supposedly love needs someone to care for their pet. Just like when a senior has to go to a home and none of the rotten kids will take the pet…all full of excuses…but they sure do take the money when they die. All I can say is if you know you have selfish, lousy family and friends…make prior arrangement for your pets in case something happens to you.

      • Where is he in California? I have a Shepherd and I couldn’t imagine her in a shelter. How long is his owner deployed for? I can’t believe someone in his family hasn’t stepped up to watch his dog for him while he’s fighting for our country

  1. Cash is at the West Los Angeles shelter – one of the 6 shelters in the Los Angeles City (versus County) Animal Services. His ID # is A2067769. He does have medical issues & they listed a number to call and ask about this: 888.452.7381

  2. People r responding to “Cash” n his info is on there for people interested in him! So get to him before it’s too late, he’s bn there already close to a year! He’s a beautiful dog, I wud take him but, I’ve got my hands full with 2 dogs that I luv very much, n wud hate if something were to happen to “Cash”! He nds help! Help someone out there! 🙏🏼🙏🏼💔💔❤️😢!



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