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Senior Dog With Medical Issues Urgently In Need Of Rescue To Avoid Euthanasia

Update 10/21/2023: Marge has been rescued! Donations are being accepted by Big Dog Haven here.

Mesquite, TX – Deadline!! 5 pm on Saturday 10/21/23 – the date that a senior German shepherd named Marge must exit the City of Mesquite animal shelter.

Marge was picked up as a stray and taken to the shelter by a field officer who believed she may have been hit by a car. But an exam did not reveal any trauma…just age-related maladies leaving Marge in pain and unable to stand or walk.

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At the shelter she is receiving medication to manage her pain, but the staff knows that she needs a rescue group to help her, or humane euthanasia is the only alternative.

Shelter notes explain:

Marge will not get up or walk at this time . We are looking for urgent rescue to help this beautiful senior girl to live out the rest of her life. We are managing her pain, however she needs continued care in a comfortable setting.

May be an image of dog

Outlining the deadline and how to help:

Please email If rescue is not confirmed by 10/21 @5pm, we will proceed with humane euthanasia.

Please share Marge’s information to help save her life. Deadline, once again, Oct. 21 by 5 p.m.

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog, or this shelter facility. Thank you.

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  1. Marge has lived out her life. You’re being extremely selfish keeping her alive when she has ZERO quality of life. She’s in pain, can’t walk or go to the bathroom. She needs to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Humane euthanasia is the best gift she can receive. Put you efforts into a pregnant cat or dog, or ones with litters or a young dog that will have a quality of life. Stop being selfish and let her go.

    • It’s too bad we don’t do this with humans. We just strive to keep them alive forever lol. Should be done to humans more often since it seems to be ok for non human sentient beings.

    • Selfish would be a good characterization for making uninformed judgments without even knowing a dog’s medical status.

  2. This truly upsets me. Her ears are down, sadness in her eyes. Why aren’t the owners stepping up? How is a 15 yr old with these issues found on the street? I’m in tears…

  3. Please. His life is not at all whatnot should be. Please someone go for him. He will be your forever guardian angel…….animals never forget!

  4. Why wasn’t a clear veterinary diagnosis made to determine the cause of her weakness?
    Then you can decide whether to give her good medical treatment to achieve a good quality of life OR whether it would be better to end the suffering for the sake of the animal.

  5. Regardless of her age and current condition, Marge does not deserve to die alone, in a cold informal EU room at a shelter.

    Someone had this dog for 15 years then, coldly abandoned her to an almost certain death.

    Being killed in a shelter IS NO WHERE NEAR the same as being put to sleep in a veterinary office, wrapped in the loving arms of the family who lived you.

    The former owners need to be found and charged with animal neglect.

    I was happy to pledge for her in the hopes that others would do the same and a rescue would step in and give this sweet girl a soft place to spend her last days in comfort, surrounded by kindness, hugs and kisses.



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