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Rescuers Help Save Emaciated Horse That Wandered Onto Property

South Florida – An emaciated mare and what is believed to be her filly, wandered onto the property of a Miami-Dade Police Department officer this week. The skin-and-bones horse was so weak that she could not stand.

According to South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue, Signature Tree (and a backhoe) and the local fire department were brought in to aid in the effort to remove the mare from the property and get her the help she needed.

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The group said:

We are pleased to announce that after the support and monumental effort from Miami-Dade Police Department, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, Avocado Animal Hospital, and Signature_trees, the mare could finally stand on her own accord. She is eating small amounts and will begin a careful refeeding program.  we will continue to keep you updated.

The horses were removed from the property, but the mare was down again on Wednesday morning.

June, as we are calling her, was down again this morning. She does not have the strength to pick herself back up due to her lack of muscle.
She clearly wasn’t ready to give up and neither were we. So with the help from Avocado Animal Hospital and Miami Dade Ag patrol we were able to get her back on her feet.

June’s filly, is doing well:

The filly was given the name Summer. She is doing well.

Follow the horses’ progress and/or make a donation at this link to the group’s Facebook page.

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  1. if the horse is so bad it cant stand on its own, put her in a sling to support her, and continue with small feedings and other treatments….. it will take a long long time and effort to help this poor soul, but by god she can be saved….JUST DO IT !!!!!


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