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Rescue Group Releases Devastating News About Dog Found Collapsed On Street

An injured dog found collapsed on the street in Chicago has died.

Chicago, IL – On Monday morning, the rescue group caring for a grievously injured dog who was found collapsed on the street, released devastating news to those following his progress. Last week, a good Samaritan found the injured dog and rushed him to a veterinarian for care.

Since that time, he has been under the wing of the One Tail at a Time Rescue. Early Monday, the rescue agency said the words that nobody wanted to hear, “Run free, Hercules. We lost him last night.”

Nobody knows how Hercules was injured, but the rescue group believes that he may have been attacked by dogs after escaping from his home. They explain:

We have been gathering info and while we are not certain, we believe Hercules got loose from his home and was attacked by dogs. We don’t believe any of his injuries were the result of humans.

The prognosis for Hercules’ recovery had been guarded, and indications that he might not survive were observed over the weekend. The rescue group had posted a concerning update reading, “We unfortunately have a tough update to share today. Overnight Herc’s condition worsened and the sepsis we have been worried about is now a very real threat.”

Hercules did not make it, but not for a lack of trying. In the end, he was surrounded by people who loved him and did their utmost to save his life.

Rest easy Hercules.


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  1. I am sure everything was done to help him but he was in pretty bad shape. I wondered about him being a bait dog as well. I am grateful he died feeling loved and cared for instead of dying alone on the pavement. Still, it is a sad thing what was done to him beforehand.,

  2. Unless there are packs of wild dogs roaming the streets of Chicago this poor pup was the result of humans engaged in dog fighting. This should be more thoroughly investigated. Finding and stopping dog fight venues should be one of the priorities in this city.

  3. Poor little guy, may he rest in peace forever now. This was likely caused by dog fighters. Dog fighters are mostly ignored and tolerated by society, which is extremely foolish, unbelievably so. It’s long past the time to put those demons away for life. Will those in power ever wake the $%#$ up?

  4. This is very disturbing. Find the owners and make them be held accountable for not taking proper care of this innocent soul who did not deserve such a torturous death.

  5. RIP poor precious Hercules, you are in heaven now, where no human being can ever hurt you again….May your killers burn in hell SOON!!!!!!



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