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Kind Person Finds Wounded Dog Collapsed On Street, Rushes Him To The Vet

A kind person rushed an injured dog to a veterinarian after finding him collapsed on the street.

Chicago, IL – A severely wounded dog is receiving care after a kind person found him collapsed on the street. According to One Tail at a Time Rescue, the good Samaritan rushed the injured dog to a veterinarian for care.

kind person found dog collapsed on the street
kind person found dog collapsed on the street

The rescue agency said that the dog has a necrotic head wound and a “very swollen face.” In a social media post, the rescue group said that the dog’s name is Hercules, and he is 12 years old. The agency reached out to the public with the hope of finding Hercules’ owner and information about what happened to him.

Hours later, the rescue agency updated worried Facebook followers with Hercules’ condition, writing:

Unfortunately he has a long fight ahead of him and we do not know if he will make it. His body is covered in puncture wounds, likely bite wounds from other dogs. He is missing a lot of skin, and his left ear is down to the cartilage. There are literal maggots crawling out of the wounds on his head.
If he survives he will need ongoing care for his wounds, including debridement and skin grafts. He will also need surgery on his ears.

At this point in time, it is unclear if Hercules will survive, but the rescue group and veterinary staff are doing their utmost to give him a fighting chance.

Donations for his care can be made here.

Follow the rescue group on Facebook at this link.

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    • Its heartbreaking poor Hercules,how can people do hideous cruel abuse on innocent animals especially dog fighting. Praying for Hercules sending love&healing. Thank you for that Angel that saved him.

  1. Used and dumped like an old object instead of the living and feeling being he is. I am grateful he is receiving the love and care he deserves and if he does not survive, he will at least feel cared for instead of dying a sad death alone on a sidewalk. Such a cruel and dangerous species we are despite the good and caring people who exist, one of them being the person who found Hercules and got him the help he needs,.

  2. Be prepared, because the cost of the surgeries that Herc needs will be very expensive. Some Vets will do it Pro Bono. We have vets here in Canada that would probably do it for free. If they don’t get the money, they will euthanize him.. I hope he will be taken care of. It’s very sad and unfortunate for this old pup.

  3. Keep caring and fighting for Hercules — he will find caring People — set up a GOFUNDME page for donations — I’m convinced everyone will donate.

  4. Poor precious Hercules, I pray he will survive and will find a loving safe home! And I also pray that the evil people who tortured this poor soul will burn in hell SOON!!!!



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