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Police Seek Information About Person Who Threw Kitten From A Moving Car

Ontario, Canada – The authorities are hoping to find whoever is responsible for what appears to be a terrible act of cruelty in Ontario, Canada. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) reached out to the public on May 19 in an attempt to get information about a kitten who was thrown from the window of a moving car.

According to the police, the kitten was tossed from a car traveling eastbound on Highway 403 near Waterdown; the incident happened around 10:45 a.m. on May 19.

The kitten was taken to a veterinarian for treatment; the current condition is unknown. Numerous people on the authority’s Twitter post have indicated that they are interested in giving the discarded kitten a home.

Anyone with information is asked to call the authorities at 905-681-2511.

(Image via Twitter)

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  1. As the installed Communist Zombie illegally occupying the White House states the biggest threat to our country is white supremacists.
    No Bidung , it’s animal abuse and the EVIL SAVAGES that commit heinous unspeakable torture and murder against the innocent animals and the unborn humans who have no voice the defenseless.
    Meanwhile Bidung is giving Billions of dollars to Ukraine but not helping the citizens and animals of the United States.
    Send the money to help in caring and good quality shelters for animals and give the Veterinarians and those good people that help animals the money. Let the rest of the world pitch in to help Ukraine.

    • Yeah, like this crap didn’t happen under the Spraytan Sultan’s reign. Oh, and a question for you: Why are Red states always at the bottom of animal welfare rankings lists?????

  2. Thanks god this sweet kitten is safe.
    May the criminals be found and punished to the maximum extent of the ineffective laws currently extant. I advocate for capital punishment for anyone wilfully harming any cat, as was law in ancient Egypt, a far more highly evolved society than any currently on earth. We need that law.



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