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Police Seek Answers After Dog Burned Alive

A dog was doused in accelerant and set on fire in Houston's Fifth Ward.

Houston, TX – Police in Houston, Texas, are seeking answers in a horrible case of animal cruelty that claimed the life of a dog who was burned alive. According to the Houston Humane Society, the Houston Police Department and BARC were called out to the city’s Fifth Ward early Friday morning after receiving a report that a dog had been set on fire.

An ABC News report states that the dog, named Lucky, was doused in an accelerant and set on fire. His owners called the police after someone saw Lucky leashed and burning around 4 a.m. on Friday.

Cruelty case: Dog set on fire, burned alive
Cruelty case: Dog set on fire, burned alive

Lucky was transported to Houston Humane Society for veterinary care, but his burns were so severe that he suffered organ failure and died. As reported by Newsweek, Lucky had bruises and abrasions on his body that show he was beaten, and that he tried desperately to get away from his abusers.

Efforts are underway to find the individual(s) responsible for killing Lucky. Houston Humane said:

We are now working with HPD to try & uncover any information possible regarding who committed this heinous crime.
Please contact HPD directly or 832-927-PAWS with any information and help Houston Humane Society insure no animal must suffer at the hands of the human who did this, again.

Rest in peace Lucky.

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  1. Hopefully you find whoever is responsible for this. And make them pay For what they did to lucky.
    I know he didn’t deserve what they did to him, nor does anyone else. If we don’t protect our furry babies who will they’re like our children.. And this Brought tears to my heart. That’someone would actually do a crime like this to an Innocent For a baby. animals We are their protection And their voice.

  2. HORRIBLE! The person who is capable of this level of cruelty is a PSYCHOPATH! The FBI now recognizes the link between violence against animals and violence against humans. Jeffrey
    Dahmer and Ted Bundy tortured and killed small animals before they moved on to killing DOZENS of people! A person like this is probably violent towards his girlfriend or wife, and also any children in the home. If there are any more animals in the home they are at risk, too! Gather all your resources and get some “boots on the ground” to interview people in this neighborhood. Someone there saw or heard something that day, hopefully there are some video cameras that recorded the suspect or suspects. Too bad the punishment for this crime can’t be “an eye for an eye”. He deserves to have an accelerant poured all over him and set on FIRE!



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