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Police Rescue Dog With Note Attached To Collar, ‘Please Help’

A police officer in Platteville found a loose dog with a note attached to her collar.

Platteville, WI – A dog in need of a helping hand readily jumped into a police officer’s patrol car on August 25 when the Platteville Police Department received a call about a loose dog at Moundview Park.

The authorities said:

This sweet girl came right over to the officer and jumped in the squad.

The officer could see that a note was attached to the dog’s pink collar.

note attached to dog's collar
note attached to dog’s collar

The police were hopeful that they might find Lola’s owner. They said:

We are asking for the public’s assistance in finding Lola’s original “owners”. We would like to speak with them. Thank you in advance

But a subsequent Facebook post indicates that the owners were not found, and Lola was still in need of a home. The agency said:

Lola has not been adopted yet. She is available for adoption through the Platteville Vet Clinic 608-349-6726. Please contact them for additional information.

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  1. Someone took the dog from a horrible situation. I bet they knew the perpetrator and made a bold decision and the right one at that! Thank You for taking that dog and dropping it off to police hopefully helping that sweet pea.

  2. What the fuck. Plz help me take me to the shelter obversly this owner is a cowerd and I certainly would beat the owner up. Of course the owner won’t come forward to frightend to and obversy don’t won’t this sweet girl anymore. Why advertise when it said clearly this person don’t want her anymore and was instructed to send her to the shelter. Can’t ppl read anymore or understand plain English

  3. Poor dog, someone obviously let the dog roam or go because they didn’t or couldn’t care for her anymore. Thank goodness someone found her and she was picked up. Let’s pray now this story gets media attention and she is adopted quickly. And next time, please take your dog to the shelter, a rescue or re-homed them with someone you know…do the right thing. A note is not the right thing. What if someone horrible found her like a dog fighter or serial abuser? What if she was hit by a car or staved to death hiding in the woods?


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