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Police K9 Died From ‘Heat-Related Injuries’ After Safety Mechanism Failure In Car

Cobb County, GA – On June 5, a Cobb County Police K9 died from “heat-related injuries” sustained after a patrol vehicle’s air-conditioning system malfunctioned. The Cobb County Police Department announced K9 Chase’s death, explaining:

K9 Chase was in his kennel when the air conditioning system malfunctioned in Officer Neill’s patrol vehicle. Preliminary information indicates that other safety systems did not properly activate and the temperature quickly rose in the vehicle.
K9 Chase was found unresponsive in the patrol vehicle by K9 Officer Neill.

Officer Neill immediately began providing life-saving care to Chase, and he was transported to a veterinary hospital for care, but the damage from the hot car had already taken its toll and he could not be saved.

The police department said:

K9 Chase was a beloved officer of the Cobb County Police Department and will forever be missed by us all.

Chase was a dual-purpose K9 trained for narcotics detection, criminal apprehension, tracking, building searches, and evidence recovery. Chase seized thousands of dollars worth of illegal narcotics, with numerous arrests and apprehensions.
Chase was named after fallen Locust Grove Police Officer Chase Maddox, who died in the line of duty on February 9, 2018, just months before K9 Chase was born.

Rest in peace Chase.

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  1. This is why dogs should not be used in police work. They don’t have a choice but to do it and so many things can happen to them. They can be shot and killed, caged in a hot car and left to overheat and die. We have seen several videos of police officers abusing and kicking them. Dogs don’t have a choice, unlike humans who choose to become a police officers. Why can’t we just let animals be pets and part of our family for ffs!!! Why do humans insist on using animals for their selfish needs. Its seriously just sad and angering.



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