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No Holiday Joy For Stunning German Shepherd, Surrendered To Shelter By His Family

Downey, CA – There is no holiday joy for a five-year-old German shepherd who was surrendered to a busy animal control agency by his family. Alpha’s face says it all…it is clear he is confused and heartbroken by the loss of his home and his people.

Imagine being loaded into the car one day and going for a drive…a drive that in the past resulted in fun outings like the beach, the park, or the home of friends. But on this day, your family takes you from the car, walks you into an unfamiliar building, and hands your leash to strangers before turning their backs and walking away.

This is Alpha’s reality and he has been left wondering where his family is for more than a month. This dog’s situation is heartbreaking and maybe tragic if he is not adopted or rescued soon.

Alpha’s time has expired…he will be led to a room and his life prematurely ended if he is not rescued soon. He advocate writes:

He’s a loyal gsd dealing with being at the shelter with out his family.
The first time I met him, I think he was fear-aggressive.
He barked at me to go away.
But he calmed down with a treat easily.
When I came back around with Alpha,
He wowed me with a nice greet and he sat on point for me, for a treat.

Alpha is out of time, and he has a lot to offer
He just needs a chance.

Please help him.

72hr Notification


Please share Alpha’s adoption information and help save his life.

Adoption profile here. 

Located At: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey
Description: My name is Alpha.
I am described as a neutered male, black and tan German Shepherd Dog.
Age: The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old.
More Info: I have been at the shelter since Oct 23, 2023.

Shelter information
Location: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey
Phone Number: (562) 940-6898
Address: 11258 South Garfield Avenue
Downey, CA 90242

Note: All inquiries about these dogs must be made directly to the animal shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with these dogs, or this facility.

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    • Terri, how can I reach you? He is very scared at the shelter, so should be the only dog at the moment but that could change after some days of decompression and a slow introduction. Would you like to know more about him? If so? Please email me asap at:

      Alpha is euth listed and way past deadline. He is scheduled to be euthanized on Monday morning.

  1. WTH people are trying to help yet they keep saying they are euthanizing perfectly good dogs. What kind of shelter is this, how bout being a little humane. And help these people save the dogs they are willing to take! I am not going to give to a shelter who is not willing to help the dogs get to people who want them!

  2. All these people were trying to save him … I hope like hell they didn’t put this dog down , he wasn’t even there long geez

  3. I wish we could stop breeders from breeding so many dogs. If there weren’t so many then people would go to shelters to get pure breed dogs like this one. Backyard breeders and puppy mills especially need to be stopped. Breeding a dog to make money when they should be getting a real job. I wish every state would require an expensive license to breed dogs and hefty fines and removal of the dogs if you don’t have a license.



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