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Kitten Recovering After Being Found ‘Nearly Frozen To Death’

Berkely, MA – An adorable kitten named Applesauce is recovering from being nearly frozen to death in Berkley. According to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, the kitten was found in subfreezing temperatures by a woman who feeds and monitors a cat colony.

The good Samaritan warmed the kitten up, fed him some sugar water, and then got him to the animal shelter for care. According to the animal welfare agency, the kitten’s temperature registered just 93 degrees when he first arrived (normal temperature should be between 100.5-102.5 degrees).

Aside from nearly freezing to death, Applesauce was in relatively good health. He is just seven weeks of age, and too young to be adopted out, but he should be available soon. He is recuperating from his ordeal in a foster home.

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    • THAT woman is a hero! Unless you know what you are talking about, which doesn’t seem apparent, stop making stupid comments. THAT woman is part of the solution, she is not the problem. People who dump animals and who don’t get their animals fixed are the problem. At least one of the problems.

  1. Stephen that’s not how it works. Cat colonies are not ideal but at least people are willing to help these abandoned animals . They get them spayed, neutered, and feed them and get them shots. It’s all of volunteer and some are better than others. At least someone’s making an effort to keep the area from being overrun with feral cats reproducing. We humans are the reason. We let this happen!! Abandoning dogs, and cats just opens them up to abuse&diseases. humans are to blame.

  2. What a stupid ignorant comment. Without this caring woman that poor kitten would have met a horrible death. Evil humans are ultimately responsible for the huge numbers of strays. They didn’t ask to be born to suffer!!! Do some real research before opening your ignorant mouth!

  3. Don’t know what your problem is Stephen but this lady is not to be blamed here- without her intervention this little kitten would have died. Monitoring a cat colony is not easy and requires a dedication not a lot of people are willing to give so how about cutting this lady a little slack and be thankful she was there to save this little guy.



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