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Nearly A Dozen Horses Died In Devastating Barn Fire

Franktown, CO – Nearly a dozen horses died in a devastating barn fire early Monday morning. The Franktown Fire Protection District said:

Just before 4 a.m. FFPD responded to a smoke alarm activation in a horse barn near the N. Russellville Rd. Upon arrival, crews found a heavily involved fire. Working on rural water supply, crews have contained the fire. Unfortunately, numerous horses have passed away.

As reported by CBS News, a total of 11 horses died in the blaze. Franktown Fire Chief David Woodrick commented on the reason the fire spread so quickly, “These buildings and horse barns and things like this typically are full of dry horse straw and lumber.”

Fire crews responded to the blaze within minutes, but it was too late to save the horses.

A caretaker who lives onsite suffered smoke inhalation injuries while trying to save the horses trapped inside. According to sources, the barn was a boarding facility that had the capacity to hold up to 16 horses; the horses belonged to various owners.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

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  1. It must be mandated, that these “barns’ have alarms, and sprinkler systems. I’d rather be proactive to save the lives of animals. This is happening way too often. When will these places, wake up, and do the right thing?!? If I was boarding a horse, I’d have to make sure there were security measures, in case of a fire. Those poor horses….such a horrible death.

  2. Anyone who has animals whether it is a sanctuary, a farm, a shelter or rescue, etc. they should be required to have safety standards that save them from these horrific tragedies. There have been far too many, even one is one too many.



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